is it safe ?

i leave my main pc on 24/7 for downloading bits and pieces;)
not sure if i should leave my laptop downloading overnight.
is it safe as i think theres only 1 fan in it
just worried about it overheating

does ayone else leave theres running over night ?

My laptop runs 24/7 with no trouble. Even runs folding 24/7 so thats 100% CPU and no overheating. I leave the battery out of the laptop whilst it’s on the mains mind :wink:

I don’t know about laptops, but the PC runs 24/7 with no issues. Have to reboot occasionally, otherwise it just keeps on crunching

@dresha i not got battey in purely running off mains just worried that it might overheat

will leave it running see what happens after all if it does die i’m covered:D

Heat should not be a problem if you don’t run it 100% load continuously. With the CPU mostly idle, typically the fan will kick in now and then. Under load, I found a lot of laptops to be quite near the limit. Maybe fine when new, but after a bit of fluff gathers inside you might hit thermal throttling.

Mackeral’s right I’ve not checked recently what it’s like inside or what’s happening to FOlding times (I assume they’d get longer with thermal throttling)

Depends, some laptops can hadle it, others cant.

ok thanks guys :slight_smile: wasn’t thinking of leaving it 24/7 all the time just when i’m downloading a big file

leave my work one on 24/7 running seti… but I make sure I leave it on it’s end with the heat exhaust pointing up :wink: