Is this from a film ?

Well seeing as both are now considered anti-social, nothing. I see nothing wrong with it, but if you’re not even allowed to skateboard in most public places I wouldn’t be surprised if this gets the thumbs down as well.

But saying that abseiling is a dangerous sport but yet it’s allowed, one mistake and you seriously injure your self, and yes I’ve come close to doing it, does that mean it should be banned? Nope

Exactly my point.
Most sports however have protective equipment to stop people hurting them selves…
May i remind everyone of R33’s accident on the bike? Pictures? :stuck_out_tongue:
should Biking be banned?
i dont think so.
Im sure people know of a martail art in thailand called muai Thai (Thai Boxing)
People die everyday from doing that mostly due to one move… and that is an elbow on the back of the neck.
that is senseless IMO becuase it is diliberate.
free ruuning… people break bones everyday because of it…
that to me is eneviatable…
there is no diffrence between free running and any other extreem sport.
too many examples to go through…
oh and btw did R33 start sueing God? The lumberjacks? Forrestry commission?
park owners?

/Rant over by the way :stuck_out_tongue:

if a burgalar breaks into your house and cuts himself on your window…even tho he broke it…he can sue…

This is what im getting at… the property owners will become liable… ( for not having guards patrolling or something ) someone will find a loophole and use it…

and as Parkour isnt extreme sports… most extreme sports are done in controlled areas…

ok what about base jumping…whys that banned ?

Binlala are you living in america?
and the very few cases where burgelers have sued becuse they were hurt entering a home were extreemly rare and i think you will find not many burgelers will go to the police and point the finger at their victims.
and why is parkour not an extreem sport…
Is skatebording a sport?.. is bmxing a sport?

parkour is not a recognized sport… there is no OFFICIAL competitions using parkour…theres nothing… your ranting because the goverment want to stop spiderman wannabes…

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spiderman wannabes…

Best line of the thread :lol: :lol:

Ok guys i think the 3 main contributors to this thread have shown some childish element, so lets mature and discuss things sensibly.

Parkour is dangerous, it is not a recognised sport, burglars have sued for injuring them self while breaking and entering (common sense doesnt always apply in law)

For once Bin didnt insult you andy, the phrase ‘spiderman wannabes’ was a general statement aimed at the free runners.

Now lets carry on the discussion in a sensible and mature maner plaese.

@Preecey - please bother to research if you are going to jump onto a high horse, I’ve really struggled to track down a large number of burgular suing cases, in fact I’ve not found one credible source

Trying to find actual cases in all the urban myths
Opinion regarding the current state of law
The original start of the ruling that burgulars could in theory sue

I’ve now spent the best part of an hour trying to find any more than a handfull of urban legends about burgulars who have sued for injuries sustained during the act of trespass, I’ve read through the parlimentary bill and only found cases of acts of self defence that have been questioned whether the homeowner was the aggressor, atttacking the burgular as they were leaving the scene.

Public injury cases are easy to find, raised pavements, wet floors in supermarkets, the “slip on a grape” case. Injuries caused by some form of neglect of duty to provide a safe environment. The whole thing started here because binlala raised the question over a parkour person being injured whilst what could be called trespassing. Well if the act is on public buildings, unless it can be proven there was a neglect of duty such a case would be instantly dismissed.

If a person doing parkour was to fall on someone and injure them, in current law from what I can assertain, this wuld be no different from me “bumping into” someone whilst walking on the pavement. In which case, me the individual could be sued for damages if for instance the person I walked into fell over and cracked head open on another object. Parkour raises the chance of this incident happening, but as far as I can tell it would not reflect on the building “owners” which is was binlala references to.

I think the legalities regarding possible property damage that could be caused by a slip should also be considered. The person in the act of Parkour, slips grabs a drainpipe and breaks it. Once again a case of raised chance, but not different in law from someone slamming a door too hard and the glass breaking. Damage is damage, the activity raises the opportunity for it to occur, but does not require anything special raised about it.

My conclusion, those doing parkour are probably more clued up on the law regarding being able to do what they term a sport, the same way that bloke who does the mad building climbing is. It’s all about location and I bet those serious at doing parkour are well briefed about where is possible and legal. After all, it’s gymnastics using different apparatus, somehow I don’t think many would use broken apparatus.


the legal information in this is researched from sites on the internet, I have tried to verify details using numerous sources but need to be clear that this is my opinion of the legal documents I have read and is not linked to TPR in any way

I’ve deleted all the posts that have insulted, or taken this thread way off topic. Anyone who doesn’t agree, pm me please.

If a person doing parkour was to fall on someone and injure them, in current law from what I can assertain, this wuld be no different from me “bumping into” someone whilst walking on the pavement. In which case, me the individual could be sued for damages if for instance the person I walked into fell over and cracked head open on another object. Parkour raises the chance of this incident happening, but as far as I can tell it would not reflect on the building “owners” which is was binlala references to.

not just the building owner thought is it… fro several hundred people to watch a man/woman fall to there death off a building…would also cause lots of people to need councilling…also the man who fells family could also sue the building owner for not stopping the act happening not to mention if the person fell on someone…

SOMEONE would have to pay for all that…and thats my arguement…


no I dont live in america but (Less of the personel comments Please !!!PMM but it seems in this day and age sueing is happening all over the country for reasons that seriously baffle me… the uk law is a pile of rat poo and everyone knows it…Radar(ex tpr member) could tell you…

dont fob it off it will happen people will sue for everything these days and this will be another thing… if you want to do a sport… dont put other peoples lives at risk by doing it…(after all you dont see F1 cars driving around your roads do you?)

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Sorry bin i had to say it but with F1 do they not drive on the roads in monaco and there may be i dont know but there could be some members on TPR that come from monaco

I feel that quite a lot of sports put others in danger like Rally i have seen many a time when the car crashes into the crowd in tennis the ball can hit the spectaters ice hockey the puc has gone into the crowd and hit them

like you are saying these ppl doing this sport if it is a sport or just an interest they are aware of the dangers and they do everything in there power to stop them from hurting anyone i think its just the same as the skateboarders in the high streets and the bmx bikers doing all there stunts and the rollerskaters they do near enough the same thing yeah they fall and get hurt but if you see them in the streets have any of you ever stoped to watch them i know i have many a time coz i think its amasing to watch and i would stop and watch these runners too as i think its amasing

What i think about ppl sueing coz one of these runners fall and hurt them or even kill them but im sorry say a person decides to comit suicide jump off a building and hit a few on the way down what happens then are they liable to sue the person if they survive it or the family if they dont i think it is just silly.

Yes there is lots of ppl out there that just phone these compansation companies for silly things and i do think this country is heading the way america is ppl sueing others and for certain things as it is made easier for them. But if someone is doing a sport and they are good at that sport yes accidents happen but that happens in every sport you name the sport there has been an accident that has affected others some get hurt some even killed so just because these ppl jump from building to building instead of jumping from a white line into a sand pit why should it be banned most of the time when you see these ppl doing this running there is noone around the streets are clear so what is the problem really

just my little input to this.

I feel that quite a lot of sports put others in danger like Rally i have seen many a time when the car crashes into the crowd in tennis the ball can hit the spectaters ice hockey the puc has gone into the crowd and hit them

This point tickles me… as like you say that does happen… the difference is your not walking down the highstreet and the car crashes into you… your standing at the rally… with wardens and safety people… in the tennis game your sitting at the court… and the hokey game too…

Youve just said my point… there is a time and a place for extreme sports… and if u want to call parkour a sport then there should be a time and a place aswell as safety people involved…

Also I dont know about your area… but in Swansea, Cardiff… and most places in South Wales skateboarders/Bmxes face £40 on the spot fines if there caught doing it in town…(so thats be banned too)

Yes they do drive on a track made from the roads os Monaco, but they are closed off and don’t have the general public driving down them, so a mute point really :slight_smile:

Well i think you have many diffrent sports motor racing, football , rugby, tennis , martial arts , boxing.
loads of diffrent ones…
but BMXing , skateboarding , roller skating,
all started off in the streets but eventually made it so they were controlled sports under supervision and also so people can watch in safty.
Free running is just starting out… so you never know it could end up a controlled sport.
like all the others.

maybe so but the point is…it will also cost the general public a lot… as if someone breaks a leg on the roof of a building… thats a whole team of ambulance and fire crews to sort them out…when someone could be dieing somewhere else…

To be blunt…

If they break there legs on the top of a roof / or crack there heads open…
who’s gonna know anyway, there likely to be up there days/ weeks / months
before the window cleaners realise.

exactly… but then what happens… big investigation… police walking around knocking on doors wanting to know what happens… until they get the postmorten back to say he was a fool who jumped and killed himself doing parkour…

and it will cost tax payers loads…

See if you think about it every sport in this world had to start somewhere there wasnt alwaysb these controlled areas so they had to play these sports somewhere this freerunning is new and most of the buildings they use yes are in public areas as thats the only real place there is these high buildings and carparks they use its not as if they can do this in an open area like a field away from the general public im sure if they had somewhere else to do this and have everything they need they would gladly use the provided areas.

I truley think that we should just agree to disagree here or this will go on and on and on and turn into somthing like many threads have before i totally accept your opinion bin and i respect that its just obvious that we are not going to agree on this matter i dont see the problems with it yes i see the obvious ones like you have pointed out but what harm is it doing really

Say they did make an area for these ppl to do this and they dont ban it i would think it would be think great coz they can pass this on to younger ones and they can learn about it in controlled environments and learn that there is more to life than hanging around the streets. no doubt if this happened yes like the skateboarders and the bmxrs some will try it out of the controlled environments and yes they will get hurt but me personally (and this is just my opinion) its there own stupid fault for doing somthing that they werent ready for and not doing it under supervision
But its like any sport you see in the proper areas like football you see kids kicking a ball round the park, tennis kids playing it over the washing line, vollyball ppl on the beach. yeah these are not dangerous sports really but ppl do these to enjoy themselves and i feel thats what these freerunners are doing
Like ppl that climb up the side of buildings to get the trill of it i think its called adrenelin (sp) junkies the more dangerous the task the better it is for them.

Well SB if you want tosee 7year old kids jumping around rooftops because they think its cool then so be it…

at least with the other sports you are on the ground(ish) and not falling 10 storys to your death…

I wasnt saying 7 year olds being on rooftops i was meaning controlled environments. mind you you do see them climbing high trees and roofs of coal bunkers and jumping off them lol

im sorry but the youth clubs here and the youth play scheemes go climbing absailing and a group of teenagers just did a tandem parashuit jump (yes there a bit older) but they enjoyed it all supervised and using the correct equipment i wasnt meaning kids on 10 story roofs its not all about that there is more to this than being that high they use little walls and stuff that isnt very high some things they jump off and around are no higher than say 6/10ft (just a rough guess at hight) thats not that high and im sure if they did this they would supply safety equipment untill they were confident and experienced enough not to use them and that takes years of training (practice)

they could use things like army assult courses and stuff like that kids go on that sort of thing all the time in adventure parks.