Is this from a film ?

Wish I could do stuff like this

Is this from a film ?

Have never seen it in a film, but oh to be able to do stuff like that :eek:

I can do stuff like that, slightly different appoach though in that i break lots of bones and need hospital treatment inbetween stunts.

Nice find TFW :slight_smile:

:haha: :haha:

also think its very cool…

But never seen in a film!

Me and helen watched this a few weeks ago… i do belive it is free runners in france or germany with a few quid and some excelent camera skills.
but free running is very cool.
shame the government is trying to ban it.

Yep its free running also called parkour
Try google video with parkour gone wrong as a search string, theres a few snippets of people experiencing a learning curve the hard way.

I dont see how they can ban it.
Oh hang on, the plod might struggle to catch a free runner, now I see their motive.
I’d love to have a go but I’m about 20 years too old and have a physique that fails the drop test.

seen that and some similar stuff a while ago, they did a BBC trailer a while back, very impressive though.


I forgotten his name but there is a french guy who is absolutly excelent at it…
curly if you wacthed the BBC programme you may know the guy im talking about.
they ran across someof the most striking of structures in london (with permission)
and like curly says it was very impressive…
3 reasons for banning it.

  1. It is seen by some people as anti social behaviour.
    (weel duh its not certainly normal social behaviour)
  2. Like TFW said the police may have a hard time trying to catch a free runner becuase of there skills.
    (well if they outlaw free running i think most able bodied criminals would learn it for that fact)
  3. Some owners of the buildings dislike the idea of someone walking all over it and possible causing small ammounts of damge.
    (so just by running over buildings is going to cause damage…maybe they should consult the guy who made the buildings to find out what he was playing at building something tha u cant even stand on)

TBH i think its just down to the fact that its unsociable behaviour.

@ Andy: Sébastien Foucan


Its tresspassing…

On public property?

all buildings are owned by someone… someone can get sued…

thus it has to be made illegal…

btw if I seen you runing on my roof I sure as hell wouldnt like it…

what happens if some wierdo came runing on the roof of a building and fell to his death… the next of kin would sue the arse off the owner of that building…

Well the programme that was on the BBC was some guys that have been practicing free running for a long time.
and they went to each building owner and ask permission first.
but if you take a look at google most free running is done on public space,
I.E Parks or carparks or bridges.
people can walk through these places without permission becuase they are public… so whats wrong with running through them?
the government are big on getting people healthy,
this is a perfect opertunity for recreaction centers to make money.
Also it gets people out of the house and away fromt here televisions.
i really do not see the problem with this… i actully think it is very amazing.
what is the diffrence between someone using a skatebord on public places and someone running on them?

People these days are suing for everything… and this will be another thing… what if they fall off the roof and hit three people ? so thats 4 people dead… is that ok ?

by your understanding it is :confused:

its a danger to everyone… I agree its really cool and I like it…just view it from the other side of the fence !

the government are big on getting people healthy,
this is a perfect opertunity for recreaction centers to make money.


I can see it now… running tracks on the local sports club roof :lol:

but tbh with you mate, i dont think the governments idea of everyone keeping healthy is 200(fantasy figure) people a year running off the end of a multi-storey carpark :lol:

I think you are going over the top slightly there binlala,
i dont think things will get quite as drastic as what you are saying.
i just think its a good thing it gets people out of the house and doing somthing fun… yes fair enough it can be dangerous but what isnt dangerous?.
you cant go around being paranoid at every little thing.

I think it would make a great new Olympic event … especialy if coupled with the shooting stuff :smiley:

I’m too old for running and jumping, but I can still hit a moving target :wink:

oh im not… but say for example…

'one runner is running along a 10story high building…

parkour isnt banned and he falls to his death…

his family decide to sue for neglijence(sp?) because it wasnt banned and there wasnt proper procedures to stop him…

who foots the bill ?

the people that pay taxes… because the councils are forced to pay money to the family for there loss…’

thats what will happen… nowadays you can be sued for performing cpr and trying to save someones life… dont tell me it wont get that bad… IMO this sueing lark has only just started! and it will get worse!

im not paranoid about every little thing I do and as I said time and time again I also think this ‘Sport’ looks good I only wish I could do it.

crossing the road isn’t banned though binlala, no-one ever sues for that now do they. There is a line to protection, loads of people do extreme sports, this is just one of them, and people do and will get injured.

If I ran someone down in my car I get sued for damages and MY insurance covers, not the car maker, or the government for letting me drive, or the petrol company, or the person who sold me the car …

If someone doing parkour(whatever) fell on someone, they person would be sued for damages, not the building owner.

A suicidal person wants to jump from the same building you talk about, it is not banned to do so, and the person makes the effort to climb over the wall. If there is reasonable measure to prevent the person jumping then the family cannot sue.

You have a flawed argument, imo.


TBH a court case wouldnt go very far… lets just say he was running along a 10 story building.
and did fall to his death…
TBh none is to blame apart from the silly sod for running accross the building.
free runners know the dangers…and what could possibly happen.
but IMO its exactly the same thing as a stuntman…if a stunt man falls off a tall building (on purpose) becuase its the job discription… and he “acidntally” misses the air bags and dies…
well thats what happens somtimes they no the possibility of somthing like that.
just like military people… they sign up… the train… they go to war to fight… no common sense tells me that bullets bombs tanks RPG’s and land mines are not anything like fluffy teddies now are they… so you sign up knowing what could happen.
a free runner knows that if they makeone mistake they could die or seriously hurt themselves.
the cort would address that fact and it would be thrown out of court.