It gets worse...

Now i’m sure you’ve all had those sales calls at the weekend for phones, kitchen, double glazing etc normally from call centres in India somewhere but some even from the UK. Well today i had a new one (at least to me) A sales call from France.
Phone rings with out of order where the number should show (what my phone normally shows for these types of calls). Hello i say, Hello says the woman on the other end and goes off into her sales pitch. I didn’t catch who she was calling from as the line was a bit bad so I say hello again. Then she starts talking to me in French. Eh? I ask her to speak English in my best French accent, she carries on in french. I tell her the same in English…still she talking French.
I put the phone down giving up. Get kind of pee’d off with these calls sometimes but at least this one was different :smiley:

im sure u can have those calls blocked if u just tell ur phone provider about them.
i suppose it gives u a cance to say hello to the rest of the world eh :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: <— for the uk anyways

i like those
Sales: “we can save you money on your mobile phone bill and give you a FREE brand new phone”
ME: ow really? that would be great!
Sales: How much is your usual bill?
ME: about £20 a year
Sales: £20 a week?
ME: no, about £20 a year!, so, how do i get my new Phone?
Sales: – Puts Phone Down! –

:(… how rude!

Block them? Now why would i do that. Agreed they can be annoying but sometimes they’re so much fun…as Worms pointed out above.
Nothing more fun on a boring saturday afternoon than winding up telesales people :smiley:

my record for stringing the sales calls along is 14minutes …

In that time, I made coffee, went to the corner shop (I like my cordless phone) asked maybe five times the same question worded differently, and got different spiel that I could tell was being read off a file. Amused me. Not had a call from that double glazing company since …


It’s one of the fun things the single guy’s have started doing at work, where they have their own phone in their own room they of course get the phone calls. To wind them up they agree to it all, including the free site visit, double glazing companys offering free quotes turning up at the block to be pointed at one internal door and a single window. Or hows aout a conservitory company coming to look at a conservatory on a third floor room :slight_smile:

oh the games we play

OOW, i like that :slight_smile:

ours have slowed down lately … I think word is spreading from the last half dozen or so :smiley: :smiley:

My first question now is "is it free ?" - usual reply is no (or words to that effect)

So then I ask them if they’ve recieved the latest list of numbers to avoid … which puzzles them, so they stupidly ask " what list do you mean ?"

my answer is … the list of numbers where you get lots of VERBAL :cussing: :censored: ABUSE if you ring again :stuck_out_tongue:

I like our government list of do not call. Great system, Every telemarketer is suppose to reference the list.

i had one call like that i had them giving me all the speel about double glasing i said that i had all that and they said how about a consertory ohhhhhhh i was interested in that so she went through all the stuff about how these thigs were built and how good they were was on the phone for a good half an hour as far as she knew she had her sale so she asked me if i had any questions about it i gladly said oh yes i do and went ahead and asked her i didnt think you could do conservetorys one floor up you could practically hear the steam come out her ears lol i love winding them up

Andy just pickes up the phone they start there chant depending on what mood he is in

  1. **** off then hangs up
  2. Listen i dont have time to listen to this $*** then hangs up the phone
  3. Picks up phone says hello they start BYE

the last one is when he is in a really good mood they dont get colourfull words at them lol

oow, the good old, HELLO… [phone down] :slight_smile: i like that one too

Before i turend 18 i had fun for hours.
people would phone up and it goes somthing like this.
Sales: Can i Intrest yu in one of out latest deals?.
Me: and what would that be?.
Sales:We have a wide range of new mobile phones and deals to go with them.
Me:how much is all that then:
Sales: what phone would you like?
Me: What u got?
Sales: Well we have blah blah blah blah:
Me: sounds good. how much is all that?.
Sales: its so much a month and so much a year blah blah.
Me: eh not bad… ill take that one.
Sale ok then may i ask for you bank details?.
Me: no.
Sales: But we need them to continue.
Me: i dont care im not handing those over untill i have goods in my hands.
Sales: but we need to proove you age.
Me: why.
Sales becuase you cannot get a deal from us unless u are over 18.
Me: well im not
Sales: how old are you then?
Me: as old as my toung and nearly as old as my teeth.
Sales:hahaha no seriously how old are you?
Me: 17
Sales… well we coud lie about your age.
Me:thats illegal.
Sales: well if you want a new phone thats all we can do.
Me: but i have a new pone