It's exam time!

Got my ITIL Service Managers exams today and tomorrow, not looking forward to them i must say! 2 x 3hr written exams, the course tutor wrote 60 sides of A4 for each exam when he took them a couple of years ago!



Good luck with the exams.


good luck KefKef - fingers crossed for you :xfinger:


Good luck Kef :thumbsup:

Best of luck :xfinger:

Good luck fingers crossed here for you :wink:

Good luck mate.

I’m working up to that. Did the foundation a little while ago. The service manager is meant to be much harder…

Good luck lad!

good luck :xfinger:

You could say so. an example question from today was:

You are a service desk manager for a busy service desk, a manager from the business dept has asked you to investigate the reasons for the following:

Phone calls going unanswered
Incidents taking a long time to resolve
Problems staying open a long time

  1. What KPI’s would you review and why? (3x3 points)
  2. If the investigation was correct, what measures would you instigate to ensure these issues were addressed? (11 points)

Nice !!! :confused: