It's Snowing :D

I love snow

Made me first snowball too!! Now where’s that sledge? :yippee:

We’ve had about seven flakes of snow this morning… not quite as much as you guys but you never know, it might just settle :stuck_out_tongue:

Its been snowing here since last night and its about a foot deep tried to get pics on my phone but i cant get them on the pc and my camera is in transit from gazza so if it appears tomorrow i will post some pics there has been a few cars abandioned here coz they cant get through the snow jack cant even get home from his dads coz we are snowed in so he will be back tomorrow and no doubt jack and andy will be out building the biggest snow man they can and andy will be stocking up on snowballs to put in the freezer so he can throw them at the kids in the summer …well he did last year and the kids loved it snow in the warm sun :wink:

:lol: good idea that!

Well andy is brave he is gonna attempt to go out in the snow there are thousands of kids out there chucking snowballs at everyone lets see how long it takes b4 he gets hit :wink:

And how long b4 he falls :stuck_out_tongue:

Make your bets now :stuck_out_tongue: how long b4 he gets hit or falls

Snowing here as well :smiley:

We’ve got a layer on the grass and not on the roads or paths cos it’s too wet…but plenty on the grass

lol ill not be going out i dont think… dont think this lot will let me out somehow… :frowning:

I decided against going out the kids here are evil :(.
theyd just better wait untill the summer MUHAHAHA!

Just had to dig the cars out of well over a foot of snow :frowning:

The girls loved it though. Snow angels, snowballs and snowmen…perfect :slight_smile:

It was blowing a gale earlier a seriously drifting around, but the wind has dropped now, so it’s just gently falling rather than being blown about.

I think several major roads round here are badly affected. It maybe better now, but the M74 just down the road from here was shut for a while earlier. The M8 up closer to Andy and Helen too I think.

Had one of my guys trying to get into work phone me earlier: could’nt get from Cambuslang to East Kilbride after 2 hours of trying…:eek:

Will see what the day brings. I think it is due to ease a little, but perhaps return again tonight for a while?

Scotland inhospitable…Whats new?

Well it’s just gone half past one and the snows all gone!! :frowning: . Oh well that was winter I guess.
/me puts sledge back in the shed :frowning:

awwwww droid i will send you some of our snow just so you can have your snowballs for the freezer :wink:

Andy says he will put some in a icecream tub for ya and send it by refrigerated delivery

Still snowing here :smiley:

and here…loads of kids out with sledges…I WANNA GO!!!

Andy was the same he went out to chuck snowballs at all the kids

well took ages to get to work this morning only ended up with 5 members of staff to serve 500 people breakfast and they all came at the same time ROFL

:lol: Sweet!!

Its not fair i wanna go and build a snowman…cant go out tho its too slippy really and can do without unexpected appearances today :nanasplit:

no snow for me :frowning: