I've done it. No more Smarty :/

This is my new car:

Now between us we have a red, white and a blue MR2!!!

classy, you got any stilettos to go with it? :smiley:
I guess kai…k. .k.k.k. phil had nothing to do with it ?

Very nice. Probably the better MR2, much more preferable than the later ones IMO.

I’m thinking of getting a white mk1 as a track car. Drive will look really good with one sat next to my red mk2 turbo :slight_smile:

TechnoKitty are you a member of www.mr2oc.co.uk?

Yes, my username is vix on the Oc - I’m the events writer for the Norwich region :). You can’t see it in the pic but Sakura (the car) has an Mr2oc sunstrip.

Preecey, can you imagine me trying to walk in stilettos, let alone drive?? :slight_smile:

Phil had alot to do with it. He swapped his Cinquecento for it, was going to sell it but I lay down in front of it and said ‘Nooo I want it!!!’

Well, ok it didn’t happen like that. In fact this morning I was still in two minds. But I have made my decision.

i always liked those, but the age of it and the milage i do would be totally impractical. i’ll just have to stick to the white stillettos :wink:

Oh yeah thats the other thing, once I start my new job I wont be driving to work, so I could do with not paying the finance on my car! She wll be used purely for pleasure!!! :wink:

You realise that the number plate means that you have to start folding now :cool:

Or you have Fcuk All Hope of getting anywhere … :wink:

Lol I never realised that about the number plate :wink: Anyone want to buy it?

I was just upset that I can’t use my private plate any more :frowning:



Looks like a smart move to me.

I’m sorry, couldn’t resist :chuckle:

If you ever take it to France be prepared for people to point and laugh



Took more pics today once she was cleaned…

They like each other…