I've had a really shitty day!

Was heading in to work today to attend a training course and was involved in a RTA. A car going in the other direction crossed over the centre line on to my side of the road,scraped down the side of my Volvo C30 then it completely lost control and hit the car behind me head on… 2 persons hospitalised… road was blocked for nearly 8 hours whilst the police did their investigations into the accident…

Been in touch with my insurance, they say it sounds like the other driver was at fault and they expect my car to be a write-off due to suspension damage.- rear off-side wheel was pushed backwards in the collision…

Now the annoying part… until they have contact with the insurance company of the car that hit me, I won’t get a courtesy car… and I need a car for work!!!

I’m hoping my car isn’t a write off… I’ve had it 5 1/2 years and was planning on keeping it until I retire in 2022… Low mileage and still in very god condition, it’s a 2009 Volvo C30 R-Design 1.8.

Been searching to see what C30 are available as a replacement and found a possible replacement but it’s a 100 miles away - 2009 C30 R-Design with similar mileage to mine.

Probably off to the doctors tomorrow… feels like the accident has aggravated my existing back problem… it’s been sore and stiff all day.

Yep, I’ve had a really shitty day!!!

Glad to hear that you’re OK despite the RTA. Non fault and back injury, you’ll be retiring in a nice car if the insurance “Sir you’ve had an accident” phone calls I still get come up with the numbers that quote!

Re: the courtesy car, it does depend on your policy, but you could get one and claim after the decision. With the back aggravation though, take a few days off work and make sure you don’t overstretch and get yourself looked at.

Take care of yourself!


Off to the doctors in 10 minutes… backs feeling worse this morning

Still waiting to hear from the insurers about the courtesy car.

Cops informed me this morning there was 3 witnesses and their statements say they also saw him drifting over the centre line… Hope the bstrd gets prosecuted for careless driving or worse!!!

Didn’t see a doctor, saw a nurse practitioner who said I’m suffering from muscular pain as a reaction to the jolt of the collision. Came away with another prescription for painkllers… Phoned in sick at work!!!

Also been informed by the officer in charge of the investigation that my car might not be released out of police control for a while yet so that’ll hold up my insurance company from bring able to proceed!!!

Over here when there’s an accident that is caused by someone else, THEIR insurance pays for the rental car. It’s one of the reasons I always have a dash cam running while driving. Insurance companies are inherently skeptical when it comes to who is at fault and in the two times my car was hit while the camera was recording, the skepticism disappeared as soon as they saw the video. I also am the one doing the contacting of their insurance company to file a claim because leaving it to my insurance company seems to make things take a lot longer.

Just had to give a statement to the police, apparently several witnesses have now come forward and they have all stated they saw him crossing over the centre line heading straight towards my car. The bad news is the guy is being kept sedated after suffering severe internal injuries which required an operation and of course this will delay the insurance claim.

Took several photos showing the aftermath of the crash, but sadly the police confiscated my mobile phone which I used to take the photos.of the scene of the accident - apparently it’s becoming a common thing to do now, alongside breathalysing all drivers, as a someone using a mobile could have caused the crash.

Finally had some positive news today… a hire care has been provided for me , so at least some progress is being made on the insurance claim… It’s a 2018 Nissan Qashqai, but I’m not impressed by it… and I certainly wouldn’t buy one!!!

Another good thing is my post-accident pain is easing off…

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Well, it’s now a week since the accident and the cops still haven’t released my car for the insurance to have a look at it!!!

Glad to hear you are ok after the crash. Lucky it wasn’t you that got the head-on smash.
At least its one less Volvo on the road, so that’s a positive :sunglasses:


Tart level maximum from Bilko!

Now if he’d of been towing a caravan at the same time…

Sorry… gets coat…


Well if you need a small, practical, reliable runabout with great economy, might I suggest Autotrader ?

If none of these factors have any importance I could line you up with a one owner Fjord Galaxy (makes it sound Swedish at least)

Good points
Only 182,000 miles
Two seater sports option (five seats are somewhere in the garage, I think)
Four tyres and the Original factory fit spare, almost Vintage
Excellent emissions, just got past the 70,000Kg of CO2 :thumbsup:
Tinted Windows
Lots of TieDown points in the back
Most of the parking sensors work
Most of the Screen washers work
Airconditioning does not reduce fuel economy…
None of the stone chips in the windscreen are MOT fails
None of the rust is structural
Most of the gears have full synchromesh
“That” bolt in the gearbox has stayed in place for a few years now

Bad Points
All of the above
DNA in the carpet may require attention

Perhaps you should have called it Fraud Galaxy as the Mk1 Galaxy was basically a VW with Ford badges stuck all over it!!!

Close, there is a lot of pick and mix from the VAG bin (Fnarrrrr)
This is a Mk2, none of your first gen problems here although it did take a dealer three days to fix the wipers under warranty because they “didnt understand VW electrics”.

The Engine is I think a Mazda unit, the gearbox was almost certainly from Cadburys.
Suspension and dynamics are a tribute to the late Chiyonufuji but its not quite as quick off the mark as a professional athelete.

The stereogram still works fine although it is head unit number three, possibly due to a design flaw, its under the cup holders.

Once it gets to 250,000 miles WeBuyAnyCar become uninterested, thats my target.

Let me know if you are tempted

The “Mazda L” engine also known as the Ford Duratec by any chance???

My C30 has the Mazda engine and Ford MTX75 gearbox… it’s a Ford Focus in a posh frock!!!

My verdict of the Qashqai hire car… well, I certainly would never buy one… it’s one of the worst cars I’ve ever driven… I’m not at all impressed by it!!!

Biggest heap of poo I’ve ever driven is the Citroen C4 Cactus. The one with the rubber armour on the doors.
Had a brand new one as a hire car. Beggars belief that anyone could actually have the nerve to sell such a turd on the open market. At any speed above 75 Mph the roof rack whistled like a boiling kettle, the automatic stop-start was so slow in operation that it tried to kill you at roundabouts and junctions. It took me 3 days to get my phone to connect with the stereo it via Bluetooth. The sat-nav was a disaster, the lighter socket was hidden under the centre arm rest so if you plugged anything in you needed a 2 Metre long cable to hook up anything on the dashboard. I have NEVER driven such an ugly, poorly designed, underpowered, dangerous piece of crap ever in my entire life. A donkey & cart would be better.


Well damn! I’m glad you are ok. . . .Send good thought to the bruised banana.

Two weeks on and I’m still a having a shitty time about this… I’ve spent about 4 hours on the phone today trying to find out what’s going on!!!

Cops have still got my car under their control… officer in charge off today
Recovery company tells me until police inform them I can’t get my stuff out of the car…
Insurance company tells me they’ve been informed it’s been released today and might be picking it up tomorrow. and it might not get accessed until probably the end of the week, so I still don’t know if it’s a write-off or repairable…

And to top it all off I fly out to Thailand on Saturday so all this could screw up me enjoying my holiday if I still don’t know what’s happening with my car!!!

Good news…the cops have released the car from custody…

The bed news is it’s not getting picked up until Friday and wont get assessed until next week, when I’m away on holiday!!!

The Fiendmobile looked in a sorry state… but what looked even worse was the Mazda 2 that hit me…

The insurance assessors are going to email me the verdict, so I know where I stand… and If i need to look for a new car I got 5 days off after I get back to find one before I start back at work.

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