Java Question

Seen posts elsewhere with briefly mentioning Sun Java and IBM Java.

Is there a fundamental difference? Will it both run Java games?

Supposdely, the IBM java is quicker or something and will thus increase speed in Java based DC projects (like D2OL):confused:

I think they both came off the same code base. Really anyone can code there own Java as long as it meets the spec. I use some of the older IBM javaversion @ work and there were some problems with memory managment where the underling malloc calls would corrupt the heap. :eek: this was so bad becuse the JVM signal handler then would get in an endless loop because it could not allocate memory to handle the seg fault signal and runaway on the machine consuming all of a CPU. Very ugly! The solution was for IBM to provide a version that just passed the signal to the OS and let the application core dump.

In my opinion Java has never meet the promise of providing a flat computing model across any OS or hardware platform.