Yesterday I needed to get a passport photo done so I went to my local Sainsburys.
Having a machine and being a mile from my house it seemed ideal.

Problem was change, I was 50p short in coins so needed to change a note.
Being a supermarket you’d think there would be no problem getting change ?

Oh that would be the case until you meet JOBSWORTH Dun Dun Dun!!!

“I’m sorry sir, its store policy not to give change”
“But I want to use your photo machine”
“its store policy not to give change, You’ll have to make a purchase”
“Ok, I want to buy some photos from the machine in your shop”
“You’ll need to get change for that sir”
“Yes which is why I’m holding up this bit of paper with the queens head on it”
“without a purchase I cannot open the till”

Cue red haze and a solution

Go to pick-and-mix and buy A Jellybaby, just one all on its own.

My son got a jellybaby
I got my photos
Jobsworth got to catch a scrumpled paper bag.
Theres a reason those shop counters are wider than arms reach.

Hehe, you better hope the photo meets all the criteria too, our lass had 3 goes at it, 1st set had a shadow on them (my arse they did!!!) 2nd set she had a couple of hairs over 1 eye!!! 3rd set (which were the 1st set again) passed with flying colours!!

I took mine myself and printed them off. They accepted them first time

Did that for somebody at work on my Photo printer passed no issue.

lmao and i bet your pick and mix (one jellybaby) cost you £1.20 hee hee

why is it no matter what price they tell you the pick and mix is you always say thats ok lol

12 pence

I was tempted to give him a 10 Euro note

You should have asked for a refund just after too :devil:

It’s true though.

Having worked in a supermarket, to avoid theft, cretins like me cant open the till. It only opens when a purchase is made. Or you ask a supervisor to open it.

Hence the best person to ask for change, is the supervisor :wink:

being an ex Sainsburys manager - frankly the jobsworth was talking out his backside. There’s a little button called ‘no-sale’ that does just that, no-sale but the drawer opens. You can bet that if it was a note it would/should be put under a detector lamp though :wink:


fair enough. Where I worked, there wasn’t anything of the sort.

Just us then.We were stuck in the past… They only got chip and pin in October :lol:
Means I have to retrain this Saturday when I’m back from Leeds:sigh:

Theres a reason those shop counters are wider than arms reach.

I’ve noticed that a few times myself, yet the assistants still back away until they’re up against the ciggy shelves :lol: