Joining the "Dark Side"


Facebook application test …


getting this working ready for the mass exodus to google+ ? :smiley:

Seriously though, watching with interest :slight_smile:


Trying to give TPR a shot from the defib, so just seeing how it works at the moment.


A lot of peeps are doing. Even my Tree Surgeon man has a Facebook link nowadays


What is the nature of the application? It’s not just a Facebook presence since it asked permission to access all my info. I’m assuming the experiment is the “F-Connect” at the top of the forums header.


basically, it asks for that info to pull into the vbulletin profile - although I’ve taken that option out of vbulletin.

The main thing is that when you create a thread, there’s a little checkbox now to publish the thread title and link onto your status on facebook.


I would suggest once linked going straight in there and turning off the spam my email every time some tarts post on facebook option :wink:




Took the plunge and activated the Facebook app. If I get enough email spam, I’ll redirect it all to my printer and cool my system from the wind generated by flying paper.


You can now like a thread and publish to your FaceBook feed as well. Let’s get more friends on here, it’s got far too quiet :slight_smile:



Nice! :thumbsup:


A good thread!

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