Joomla advice

Just wondering if any of you have any Joomla experience?

Someone came to me asking if I knew how to remove something off a page in joomla…

if you look at the first page it has a big green ball and then another below it with Home by the side…

They have no idea how to remove the first green ball… and well my joomla experience is pretty low… lol

any ideas?

a peek at the html makes it look like there is a problem with a blank article/page that has been published to the home page.

He could manually remove it by editing the source code and removing the following:

<div class=“Post”>
<div class=“Post-body”>
<div class=“Post-inner”>

<h2 class=“PostHeaderIcon-wrapper”><img src="/templates/TechLine_de_Template-j15-Golftheme1/images/PostHeaderIcon.png" alt=“PostHeaderIcon” width=“26” height=“26” /> <span class=“PostHeader”>



It is duplicated below and already includes the word “Home” and the h2 tags, so it unnecessary. HTH

with Joomla the page in that div is brought in from entries in the database Droid :slight_smile:

Sorry, I didn’t know that. I’m used to tweaking web page data manually. :smiley:

god been a while since I tinkered

I think you need to go into your admin interface and check out the posted articles and such like.

I think you have something published with a blank title/article and you need to unpublish it.

Have to admit last time I used it I did not take to how things are organised and found it tricky at times to get the right section to modify.

/edit looking at it looks like links/menu section rather than a post/article but I am sure pretty much there will be something in the defined having been told to be active but lacks the essential info.

Im pretty sure your right on it being an article to be honest, But the article no longer exists from what I can see…

Might be time for a little reinstall of it all… I’ll give it a go this time.