Not you too? :confused:

He’s left Seti as well :frowning:

Where are you Juggy? :frowning:

Surely not another. Whats going on???

No reason, just be cr@pped out by my boss for hijacking 55 processors across 12 Dell 2850’s and a few other boxes for DC purposes.

Hoping I wont get terminated, nah, I doubt I will. I did however get one hell of a shock which made me do a few rash things.

Ah well, such is life.

As soon as I get these shorts cleaned and my sphincter returns to normal I will be back.

Ahhh, you naughty boy Juggy.

First rule: don’t install DC on any machine without permission.
Second rule: don’t get caught breaking the first rule.

Seriously though, I hope things are still ok for you and the fallout is not too bad. Keep smiling and let us know when you’re back.

Good luck Juggy.

Glad to see you haven’t actually left us Juggy :thumbsup:

Aye - good luck with ‘the fallout’ :slight_smile:

Once the storm has passed you could try explaining to them about DC and how it only utilises spare OCP. Perhaps getthem crunching something under their own name (but as part of TPR of course :stuck_out_tongue: )

Thanks for the well wishes guys, all should be ok as itwas an email sent to me stating that I must “consider this a warning”.

Whew! Close one! Glad you are still among the gainfully employed.

So what percentage of your farm did that knock off?

All of it bar 1 unstable XP3200 A64 which I call my home PC:eek:

I feel your pain Juggy. I am glad you will survive the encounter.

You can hide folding@home pretty good when its installed as a service…bury it in some obscure directory…

:nono: Not a good idea Fenix.

To take the comedy out of my earlier post:

Never install any software, distributed computing or otherwise, on any machine without the express permission of the owner.

Our friend has learnt a hard lesson, please don’t encourage him or anyone else to compromise themselves.

Damn… down to 1. I feel your pain Juggy.

Look around and see if anyone you know would be open to DC. Perhaps a little social engineering will rebuild the farm :slight_smile:

Your probably (ok you ARE) right… but we need all the folders we can get :slight_smile: