just been to the doc's

Well Smoking will be packed in as soon as i can TBH as im being sent to the hospital for a chest x-ray.

Also for an X-ray on my back and knees.
turns out becuase im so tall i am starting to have back and leg problems.
Im not looking forward to the chest X-ray but my stupid self smoking does not help situations does it.

well ill see how it goes :).

:xfinger: Andy. Hope all is OK :nod:

I gave up a while back…not really worth the hassle plus the amount u save is amazing :slight_smile:

Good luck :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, you’re right Andy. Due to your height you will suffer probs with your back, knees etc :frowning: Barry does sometimes and a mate of ours who’s 6’10" has mega probs sometimes with pain.

Good luck on stopping smoking :thumbsup:

sorry to hear your not feeling so well mate hope everything turns out ok on xray

drink more smoke less :wink: I have little problems with my back, it’s always my shoulders that get me after a long drive in the car.

Maybe the additional weight I seem to be gaining on the belly area will cause my back problems soon. Try to get swimming Andy, all round good exercise :slight_smile:

:xfinger: for the x-rays


Thanks guys :).
yeh i hope all goes well to TBH im a little worried about the X-rays but its better i get checked out :).
@ DT If you mean drinking lots of water i have heard that does wonders. :wink:

water :confused:

Well it has water in it I suppose :lol: :drink:


just get the doc to subscribe you voltarol :chuckle: soon take away the
aches and pains…

j’kidding :wink: plus too many possible side effects :bigdump:

Voltarol comes in a gel too though :wink:

True :nod:

Yes but it tastes alot worse than the pills :wink:

well im sending him to the hospital tomorrow so we will see what that says

i hope he aint stubborn and goes

Just phoned the Dr’s and got my resluts…
All is well in my insides :).(Normal)
still pain tho… must investigate further :slight_smile:

You mean they found a brain!!! :eek:
Definatly needs to be investigated further :wink:

Cheers for that gazza.
i now need a new keyboard.

Anytime mate :smiley:

Do you get to keep the X-Ray??..

i wanna take an X-ray of me sticking my Middle Finger Up…
place it on my website :)…

ow, the joys of my imagination :slight_smile:

up where ?


… just… sticking it up…