Just bought Oculus rift S

So far It’s been very good. But i was wondering i have never played elite dangerous, does anyone have a good binding file for x52pro joystick?

not an elite player myself - so can’t help, but welcome to VR !

Inside out trackingmade the difference for me The portabillity of the device and the price cinched it for me. Still if anyone has some files for the Saitek x52pro i would be most grateful

Haven’t played ED in ages, and VR gave me motion sickness so that was out. I think the thing is to find a mapping that works for you. I think there is a default mapping in game for popular sticks, but you still have to look up how that works. Basically you’re looking to avoid the need to use keyboard for obvious reasons in VR. Not tried it myself, but Voice Attack is a popular package you can add to let you voice control actions, which can save you some buttons.

I purchased Elite Dangerous for the rift. Looked good.
Also spent a small fortune on the stick & throttle.

After 6 hours of play, I was still allocating buttons on the flight stick and throttle, then gave up with the game. Its more of a simulator than a space game. Far too complicated. Buttons for everything.
Cant dock / use warp drive without guns being un-mounted / stowed. Cant land without landing gear down. Cant leave station with landing gear down… and on and on and on… Killed the game for me completely. Too much detail. Too many buttons. Nothing like Eve online - which I played for years and enjoyed.