Just completed my first non-Dell personal laptop repair

Working for a company fixing Dell laptops and desktops at the mo, but my niece had a problem with her HP Compaq C60 laptop. It would not fire up, even though there was power to it.

I guessed from what she said that it had overheated, as these lappys have a history of this. Stripped it down and found the fan was seized and would barely turn with your finger. Hoping that the overheat protection had kicked in I took a gamble and ordered a secondhand fan from Ebay, popped it in rebuilt her lappy and after fiddling about with loose connections and loose monitor hinge screws, booted it up…

All working OK!! :trophy: So for the sake of a £10 fan, she now has a working lappy and has saved herself a fortune she would have had to spend buying a new one. I will have to have a chat with her about using it on her lap and filling the fan with fluff and other debris!! :nono: :smiley:

Always worth a try if you feel brave enough. :slight_smile:

hehe well done dude :trophy:, sometimes them screws under the keyboard can be a pain to find!!:confused:

The worst one I’ve seen was a job where I had to replace the motherboard after someone had already been in there. They’d screwed the keyboard screws in so far that after they rammed the battery in, they’d effectively locked it on top of the screws. Took me an age just to get the battery out and then I had to deal with the rest of the strip. Was scary what I found inside :eek:. Some people should not be let loose with a screw driver :nod:

:nod: so true :nod: