Just killled off my last Redhat server

Well, I suppose “upgraded” is a better term, it now runs FC3.

I still have my Redhat 9.0 disks, it was the first Linux I ever got along with well, and it’s still a good choice for a basic server on older hardware. But progress ‘n’ all that, it had to go.

So bye-bye Server3 Redhat 2.4 kernel, and hello Server3 FC3 2.6 kernel.

BTW, took the “upgrade” route and it did pretty well, samba is properly configured and the filesystem is intact - desktop isn’t great but I can soon fix that. It even preserved my VNC server settings so I could remote login straightaway - not bad for a “prickly” Linux install eh?

Yep they got it down pretty good, last windows upgrade I attempted ended up in a reformat.

Is FC3 free to download? I’m hoping I can get an old system resurrected (AMD Thunderbird 1200) and if so, I’d like to get Linux back on a machine. I’ve run Mandrake 9.1 in the past and liked it, but I wouldn’t mind trying my hand at something a bit more popular in the workplace.

Yep, it’s the “free” version or Red Hat - http://fedora.redhat.com :slight_smile: