Just looking around

So this is the new hang out for those Serious Crunchers bunch… I decided to take a look around for myself and might even join in on a trek or two here…

I have a couple of computers and a couple of GPU cards so I will do what I can for the cause…:catfight:

welcome in Pwrguru :wave:


Greetings :tiphat:

Welcome to the madhouse!!! :wave:

Welcome. Any project you had in mind? Docking is currently an important one for the team.

Well yes! They had to find somewhere to go to get away from you. ~smiles~

BTW who let that overstuffed bear in here. . . Gee hide the custard.

:wave: Glad to see you PG. Don’t worry about the custard they hid it from me and sport too. Now if they would come across with the Beer and vittles we might show up more.:wasted::wiggle::nod::devil:

We’ve tried that to improve membership, yet our mistake though was sending DT to pick it up.