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… who’s there ? not many just lately :smiley:

It’s getting rather quiet in here, whether that’s down to the weather, the world cup, threads that turn into flamefests, who knows :confused:

So … Global Warming “fact or fiction” :shrug:

If the sea levels rose 1 meter in the next 20 yrs how would it affect you ?
Can wind turbines produce enough energy to keep industry going ?
Will solar power panels in all homes be enough to provide basic needs (and what are basic needs ?)
Are the Shipyards due for an increase in custom ? :wink:

as a side note, when Krakatau erupted in 1883 it spewed large amounts of dust/ash into the atmosphere which then acted as a solar radiation filter, lowering global temperatures as much as 1.2 degree C in the year after the eruption. Temperatures did not return to normal until 1888.

Maybe the earth will come to it’s own rescue ?

Global warming…:confused: last i heard we were heading for an iceage :chuckle:

If only they could make there minds up :wink:

But its an interesting topic of discussion because there is so much speculation
behind what may or may not be occuring.

  • Natural cycle
  • Man made Global Warming
  • man made potential ice age
  • The fact we have not had a volcano erruption for sometime that as you
    say nothing to reflect the heat.
  • Nuke testing / charnoble particles in upper atmosphere in decline

**** Is the earth healing itself ? … Is it true that the ozone hole is
getting smaller and healing up.

*** Is Global warming going to evaporate more water vapor to the point there
is more cloud mass… more white stuff to reflect the heat… causing a turn
around and an actual global cooling ?

** Answers on a post card with next weeks lottery numbers :slight_smile:

It certainly is warming up around the Bristol area. It was a scorcher yesterday and I’m afraid to say, I was glad to get back indoors!! :eek:

Sounds very intresting…
surly the planet has had an ICE age before…
and something wiped out the dinosaurs.
ANd eve the bible says of a mass flood destroying all (could be a story to explain somthing perhapse?)

I think the world goes through a cycle.
And like you said it could be healing itself.
only thing is becuase of the immissions we are pumping into the atmosphere…
could just be helping it along.
that got me thinking… good post wolram…
probably too early to be thinking in such a way on a sunday tho but definatly got me thinking :stuck_out_tongue:

Solar panels…hmm. Gets me thinking really, is the tech out there that would make them worthwhile? Right now I think they’re more of a gimmick than an investment. They don’t save you enough over initial cost. Now if the tech was there to make them say 10x more powerful than now and the price dropped i could see them being adopted as a viable way to reduce the costs of running your normal home.
Then as the tech improves i could see massive solar farms, great thracts of un-used desert covered with panels, even maybe solar/wave farms out at sea.
Me, I think the tech is already out there somewhere but has been brought up by one of the big power co’s. Can you see a company that makes billion’s by supplying us with power letting a tech that’ll let us make our own enery (or at least cut a large chunk off what we do buy) out?
Sinicle (sp?) i know but but as they say power corrupts (pun intended) and those with the power don’t like letting it go.

/edit At any Admin…please use the big red button on Wolram for making me think…on a SUNDAY as well!!! :smiley:

has a real weird one this morning, my KVM switch beeped when I opened the curtains. It has a tendency to not recognise the mouse on the machines so in order to help it as it has a DC input I’ve plugged my solar battery charger into it - works a flipping treat in this weather. Imagine the size of panel neaded to run this ari con unit though :eek:

DT. (wrapped up in blankets as it’s cold :wink: )

The technology is out there

Infact the lastest solar panels are far far more powerful yet not really
available though for joe normal :frowning:

Latest ones actually incorporate in essance a magnifying glass to concentrate the light and in so doing are more effecient by some margin Fresnel Lens I think.

It is a shame they are so expensive though.

I’ve alway’s considered a 80watt solar panel as being an interesting purchase
for the reason that in essance for me, it would accumalate enough energy
to power my laptop / adslmodem / router plus some low level lighting happily
for the time i’m using it without having a need for mains power.

/edit… Interesting article here… On latest tech. using holograms to increase output…

as a side note, when Krakatau erupted in 1883 it spewed large amounts of dust/ash into the atmosphere which then acted as a solar radiation filter, lowering global temperatures as much as 1.2 degree C in the year after the eruption. Temperatures did not return to normal until 1888.

we have had Mt St Helens and Pinatubo in the Philippines in recent years - not Krakatoa magnitude but stil sizeable.
dust from nuclear testing is insignificant as most of the biggies were undergrond.
as for Chernoble - that caused no high altitude dust in the way of nuclear explosions, it just released a load of radioactive particles which were carried by the winds, but no greenhouse effect.

the planet is overdue an ice age according to the geological record, whatever man is doing to the planet is insignificant in the long term. once an ice age starts, we are history - nothing can stop the ice building up, or destroy it once its there.

its humbling to think in 300 years the human race could be limited to a narrow equatorial band with primitive living skills.

how much of our huge ships, cities and infrastructure would be left after 10,000 years under grinding ice? nothing - apart from the lunar/space debris, there would be little or nothing to show that we had ever developed from hunter/gathering and living in caves.

I’ve read through … or glanced at … quite a few articles etc on the net about GW and it’s effects, but as PMM said " If only they could make their minds up " :rolleyes:

Much of it is based on a wide range of differing monitoring techiniques, and it does cause some bewilderment as to what is really going on … especially when they add that anomalies in sea temps/currents/saliency etc have a bearing on the results obtained. There was even one that stated findings of the sea levels dropping in the arctic as the icecap melted :confused:

I think I also looked at 4 different maps showing the UK coastline with a 1 metre rise in sea level, each one being different in some ways, although they all showed me using an aqualung if I stayed here :smiley:

… err, talking about the power thing - Nuclear power stations … how many of those do you think are sited in areas that may be prone to flooding in the future … and how long would it take to safely shut one down and isolate the nasty stuff from years of possible submergence ?
It would all be academic if there was some kind of Chernobyl incident where the radioactive stuff was open to the sea :eek:

I remember one of my lecturers saying once that all the water on earth is all there ever has been, so when you next have a drink, imagine all the crap that has gone into it over the last few millenium :wink:

Global warming… we’re due up for some natural change and I’d say with all of the strong seismic activity we’ve had in recent months/years, something is goign to blow up soon. It may alter things a little bit.

Solar energy: Something I’ve always wanted to look into. Even the kits you put together are pretty expensive, but I’m sure with all the genius around here, we could sort out a way to enhance a kit to up the output. :smiley:

We would have more land during an Ice Age than after.
During the last Ice Age the Mediterranean basin was all grasslands which were exposed due to all the water being locked up in ice flows. This is where legends of The Great Flood and Atlantis come from as when the Ice Age ended areas like this were flooded rather rapidly (well over a period of decades).
We would have lots of land still but we would have to move to North Africa, which would be rather cooler than today.

Our meagre existance is so young on earth I doubt any of our species will experience the beginning of an iceage.

We’ll destroy ourselves way before the earth does.