Kwikstats 22 April 2010

Thanks to Free-DC and boincstats for the data

Metrics Today
Top User : DoubleTop - 20,616
Users Returning Work : 20/58 (34.48%)
Points per user yesterday : 7,693
Users going up : 6
Users going down : 29
Users in top 100 : 14
Users in top 50 : 10

Recent average credit (according to Docking@Home ): 148,975
Recent average credit (according to BOINCstats): 175,838
Team’s nationality: International
Position in Country stats: 1
Contribution to own country total credit: 29.626%
Highest World position ever: 2 at 2009-09-16
Contribution to Docking@Home total credit: 6.2496%
Accumulated more credit than % of all Docking@Home Teams: 99.71%
Detailed production and stomp data @ Boincstats

Milestones today
DoubleTop passes 7,500,000 Well done buddy :thumbsup:

Sorry for the early post, all the elements will update once Boincstats/Free-DC kicks over to a new day, but metrics will be incorrect. Need sleep

enjoy the sleep - wowsers that lot came fast, thanks for the mention :slight_smile:

Air con is already on in the office to cope :lol:


Cheers for the updates Mojo :cheers:

Thanks for keeping the Team up to date.
I haven’t forgot you Guy’s and Gal’s, just been
over whelmed with the new house. So much needs
fixing and painting before I move at the end of the month.
Been going 18 hours a day between the house and my job.
Keep Crunching ! SJ