LAN Gaming - Setting up

Right I want to set up a LAN in our kitchen for a spot of LAN gaming (rather than let’s all jump into Chris’s room for a spot of UT)

Now I have a 3Com hub and will have a good couple of machines…

How would I go about doing it?

No internet or anything involved.

Would I get the first machine in and going and change the TCP/IP settings to “Use the following IP” and “Use the following DNS” and set it to anything?

Thats about as far as I know.:frowning: Can anyone help?

DNS should not be needed as like u said, no internet…

i would get the first machine give it
and make sure DHCP server is on,
then everything else can be left on “automatically detect”
that will tell them to search for the DHCP server starting from the lowest IP.

its how my network is.

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