Lan multiplayer games

At the recent Lan saw some multi-player games going. Thought I’d check what’s there and if there’s interest in others.

Saw Counter-Strike and Overwatch action, both games I’d end up dying on the loading screen so not for me.

Then there was I think Command & Conquer™ Remastered Collection. Is that the right one? Might consider getting it for the next one.

Then there’s two multi-player games I occasionally play. Anyone else into these?

One is World of Warships. Think of it as CS but with reaction times in seconds rather than milliseconds. Free to play from

Other is Fall Guys, free via Epic Game Store. This is one I’d like to play more but it is most fun if you know the other people, either team co-op or competing against each other.

Fall guys is hilarious with, as you say, a game full of friends.
I’m definitely up for that at next Lan for sure!

Plus possibly an online game or two if we can find a time online for a TPR wan?


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Command & Conquer Remastered is currently £3.09 at CDKeys

I only played it for the first time last weekend but I enjoyed it.

There isn’t really anything new on my list for LAN games, some I would like to play:
Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe (Free! - Up to 15 companies, 255 players!)
Age of Empires II (RTS - Up to 8 players)
Magicka (Co-op - Up to 4 players)
Serious Sam HD (Co-op - Up to 16 players, should be good for a laugh)

Bought C&C so I guess I’ll be relearning it tonight. Probably haven’t played it since it was new. The original, not remaster!

OpenTTD looks like my sort of game, but it is giving me vibes along the lines of “One does not simply have a quick game of Civilisation”.

we now have the next date confirmed, booked and being posted in places.

Happy to have a llist of recommended games, if someone wants to compile it so I can copy and paste!