Laptop Crunching

Is crunching on a laptop 24/7 espcailly dangerous to the system?:frowning:

As noted before it’s only old but I would prefer it not to break soon as a result of me crunching on it:rolleyes:

every laptop I’ve owned has also been a cruncher, but I’ve never kept the same one for longer than 2 years (sell them with a year warranty left).


Right so coming from from you, I can assume that it’s 24/7 then on the wireless? :wink:

Should be fine then me thinks…:xfinger:

I crunched 24/7 no problems on my first laptop which was a 600 MHz celeron. Only time I tried again was the broken screen lappy (2.6 GHz celeron) I bought off DT, that was hitting thermal throttling. Stable but just not as fast as it could have been.

Make sure you work the battery up & down periodically. Just abour $ha99ed Mrs B’ s leaving it on mains power all the time. Also not a bad idea to jack it up off the desk when you’re not using it to get a bit more air circulation.

doing d2ol on mine when i work away :slight_smile:

and its on 24/7 mosta that time…

Cheers for the help all:)

I’ve got a shite battery anyhow so it’s still connected.

BNut with the job lot DT offered, I might have some better batteries, so we’ll try those for work away…

Don’t wanna take the battery out while it’s crunching.

Currently it’s sat on floor:rolleyes:

drezha - tilt itso that some air can get underneath, those things get HOT!

right you are.

Just had it sat on my lap for the last hour and yeah…those sperm are really roasting! :stuck_out_tongue:

don’t joke lad. the radiation off a lappy can lightly roast your testicles.

Thats why I said it :wink:

Hence why I have have a years worht of Unversity notes under it as protection

me wonder why it still seems a bit warm :confused:


yup can severly lower your sperm count!!