Laptop RAM query

Hi guys. Just run CPUZ on a m8s lappy trying to buy some extra RAM. Current RAM is DDR2 256mb 333mhz PC5300. Would I be able to use 667mhz RAM as this is the only one I can find on Crucial (512mb or 1gb)?

if the laptop is on the internet…

you can go to and run the system scanner tool… to find out what ram it will take…

Also before buying dont forget TPR have an affiliate link :slight_smile:

Tried the analyser, but it couldn’t recognise the RAM, so I got the info from CPU-Z. Everything else seems OK it’s just the clock speed issue that I’m not sure about.

/ BUMP Any clue at all guys?

DDR2 667 and PC5300 are one and the same are they not? So yes, you can. Cut the search down on the following page to show only PC5300 SODIMMS and they all state DDR2-667. There is no clock speed issue, DDR2 is double pumped so 333MHz becomes 667, PC-5300 is just an alternative designation.

Cheers Mojo :thumbsup:

Please check whether the RAM it has recognize properly? check any unnecessary processes running at the backend of your system, there are possibilities of such things,before upgrading to some more memory please confirm these issues,and if you still having those problem then you may upgrade to for higher memory, i don’t think there will be any issues with your processor.
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