Laptops (again)

are the inspiron 6400’s any good. the twin core looks good spec, and i’ve had good dell desktops in the past. but anyone got any experience on the inspirons?

Very nice laptops to be honest, Quiet a few dells in the school at the moment obviously all free as where not major fans of dell but I do think there kit is getting a lot better!

Ive got a Dell Lattiude and I like It…

for £349 you cant really go wrong with that spec… and if its a toss up between HP and Dell support bring me Dell support any day of the week :slight_smile:


I just aquired a Samsung Q45 prior to my last Thailand trip and its a cracking little machine! Great for carry-on luggage :slight_smile:

Just over 2kg, and the A4 size… if you can put up with 12" widescreen display :slight_smile: