last password set in AD

I want to get the last password set time of a user in AD.

Can some one help me, I am trying to use

net user pandu345 here pandu345 is user

but it does not help me.


do you want to see the last time a user changed their password? or are you after seeing the password? if the latter it can’t be done, well not without some specialist tools, if the former it’s doable as you can see when the password is due to expire and work backwards from that.

copy and paste this to notepad then save with a VBS extension, it’ll display the password expiry date for whatever logon ID you enter into it, note you will have to alter the domain entry if it’s not a local machine account.

'Put your domain details in here, leave with a . if it's the local machine
domain ="."
' asks you for the user name
struser = inputbox("logon ID", "ID","Logon ID")
'Queries the domain or local machine
set wshell = wscript.createobject("")
Set UserObj = GetObject("WinNT://" & domain & "/" & strUser )
'Displays the date of the password expiry
msgbox struser & "'s password expires - " & vbCrlf & UserObj.PasswordExpirationDate

Otherwise you can use an app called Hyena to check those kinds of things.

Very nice app, I use it for AD management.