Late night frivolities

I pop back to check my phone and see a lot of big smiles and laughter coming from the other end of the room

So I figured I’d go and see what the “entertainment” was/still is :wink:

Late night “collection” entertainment, quite chuffed I could still hold the camera still whilst wobbling. Decent depth of field and everything. For some reason though my machine has edited the content of the monitor in question. Shall we say that some people should have the “safe search” on Google active by default !!!

The effects of Stroh80 tend to do weird things to people :chuckle: :eek:


i see Wormss, preececy and wyntrblue have not made any attempt to stop TFW doing something that has made him look rather smug! considering that thing with the clowns, i really dread to thing what he found! :wink:

WORMMS the one with the alchemy gothic Absinthean’s T shirt?