Latest Fedora release ....

Download the Fedora 14 Beta today to preview several notable features, including:

The Spice framework for providing a virtual desktop infrastructure
Extended utilities for remote management of servers
Improved debugging and integration with existing tools to enhance Fedora as a RAD platform
Alternative environments like Sugar, and software from the MeeGo™ project
Learn more about the beta and how you can contribute to Fedora 14, set to release in early November.

Time to fire up one of the test machines for a little play :slight_smile:


Hi there DT, well Fedora 14 is out and installed here, feature list- - shows this is very much an evolution release, rather than anything very new and untested. Very stable and usable on the laptop, Fedora’s own upgrade program used and no probs encountered with it whatsoever. The only issue I have had is with Dropbox, this is caused by a fault in the SELinux context of Dropbox’s release package and is easily solved (see Dropbox forums), they have acknowledged the bug and will fix. If you like Fedora then sure this is a good release for you, if you like Windows or Ubuntu-style safety & stability then leave well alone. Personally I’m liking it a lot, it is noticeably quicker if not packed with new features (laptop is a dual core AMD Turion @ 1600 with 768MB RAM and Radeon 1100 graphics). Won’t bother with screenshots Gnome has looked the same for ages now.

OK back into retirement before I get cold-shouldered again :smiley: Linux Nerd out.

:cheers: once current work project is done, I have a couple of machines earmarked for a play with the latest. I did the same with the features list and came to the same conclusion, not a lot visible in this compared to the previous version, a lot going on under the hood with the handling of graphics from what I read.

Linux geek approves :smiley: :smiley:


Fedora is still one I’ve not warmed to. Mint 10 is out and I’m liking that (more so than Ubuntu now) but still not a Fedora fan.

bumped by a spammer, but since I’ve recently installed on my i5-760, I’m warming to this one, nice desktop features, no driver issues at all and it’s crunching away nicely :smiley: