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There are 136 UK schools that participate in IB, most seem to focus on the Diploma years

The only one in Reading appears to be a Girls school though.

Thanks, I saw that. No PYP option yet :frowning:

@DoubleTop can you give me any advice regarding state schools in and around Reading? My boys are 11 and currently in Grade 5 in the IB system. From my research they would be pushed in to grade 7 from the next school year starting Sep 2023. I will probably have to fight to keep them in Grade 6 I would imagine? The switch from IB to British may be a bit tough for them if they jump up to Grade 7.

Grades/years are an odd thing.

Where I went to school had a three tier system, Primary, Middle and Upper

Primary was the finger painting years
Middle was the OMG I Hate HoMeWork and drawing cocks on each others exercise books
Upper was the build up to exams

MIddle school was years 3,4,5
Upper school was 3,4,5 and 6 if you opted to stay on another year for A-levels
(I was invited to NOT stay)

Then the council decided to switch to a Two Tier system so they could build houses on 33% of county schools.

So its based on how old you were at the start of the Academic year as to which year you go into.
My youngest three are 11,12,13, are now all out of Primary school and now all get on the same bus together.

There is loads of stuff you can access, home schooling gave this a boost)

Thanks Mr Witt, the Year/Grades thing is indeed confusing. Our boys went back a Year/Grade when they moved from the Cambridge system to IB. The misalignment of the school year and the time of the year we moved didn’t help either. In SA the school year is from Jan to Dec, in Qatar from Sep to Jul. SA has 4 terms, Qatar has 3.

Thank you for the link

both the boys went to

not a lot more in my knowledge bank than what TF has put forward. All I know is that once assembly was cancelled as there was a bird of prey in the main hall …

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I can beat that on a personal level.
My first day in a primary school, involved singing hymns.
Half way through “All things Bright and Beautiful” a BFO wasp stung me on the neck.

Found you a private plate for when you make the move



Hahahahaha, awesome. Our move is looking more and more guaranteed. My wife has been offered the job, they just need to put the salary offer on the table. Will probably stay around Oxford, Winchester or Reading area.

Oxford, it has warning signs about the presence of Cyclists at every entrance to the Medieval centre.

It was also twinned with PERM in that there Russia, but don’t worry that has been addressed in light of Mad Vlad bombing the BeJesus out of Ukraine.
The Signs have been modified such that Oxford is twinned with ALL of Russia now

If you live in certain parts of Oxford there are restrictions on car usage monitored by ANPR.
You can only drive into or out of your allocated “Enclave” 100 times a year.
If you drive in one of the other five Enclaves you will get a £60 fine from each one.

This is all a ruse to get people to move out so more housing stock inside the ring road becomes student housing.

The Cunzilla behind all this drives 14 miles to work, uses free council car parking and gets free Vegan lunches.

Electric vehicles are not exempt from this scheme.
There is even a restriction on access to the main car park in Oxford that will sting you for using one of two routes from the ring road.
Comically, the approved access route to the car park is going to be shut for a year due to a rail bridge upgrade.

You can still cycle into Oxford, but you stand a very good chance of getting to walk home