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Been a while, how are ya’all doing?

Life in Qatar has been pretty good for the 3 years we have been here however it is time to move on. Wifey has been put forward for a position in the UK so we may very well be moving to your neck of the woods sometime early next year. Holding thumbs.

My brother lives in Kempley, Dymock so possibly somewhere near there in the country but we haven’t really got that far in our plans yet.

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Juggy back on the LAN scene in the pub - fingers crossed!!!

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I got some more information yesterday, apparently she will be stationed at the mother ship campus in Redding, sure you know which company that is :wink:

Are you still in Redding?

Redding ?
I’m sure that’s “Sitting on the dock of the bay” related

Reading however is DT’s home turf which is a long stagger (or short taxi ride) from RG1 and the “Sugar Club”
All that info came from a friend, I remember very little of it to be honest.

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I wasn’t aware I was hiring for her to come to the mothership :smiley:

Thames Valley Park I’m guessing

Hahaha, Yeah I did mean Reading. I remember having a beer in a small pub there with Mr DT 14 odd years ago.

Yeah, that will be it in all likelihood. She is applying for a position of manager of the project managers. They have a fancy name for it which escapes me at the moment.

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heck your brother lives a 10-15 mins away from me lol, 10-15 mins from where I actually work too sort of equal distance. have to drive through Dymock to get to work. also 35 Mins from our Current Lan lol.

But sounds like you be more DT’s way then your brothers :slight_smile: If it all occur’s and happens we look foreward to you at one of the Lan meets :slight_smile:

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Myself and the family are coming to the UK for a few week in the summer holidays, July some time. Haven’t been there since 2006 I believe it was. We’ll be visiting my brother as well as visiting Reading. A little scouting mission.

let us know when and we can see if the next LAN weekend can be planned to match :slight_smile:

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Any updates ?

good question

'ello. So it seems the UK Visa department is very, very slow at the moment. I applied for our visa’s on the 25th of last month and they finally arrived in Livepool 11 days later… WOW

Anyways, our flights are planned to arrive on the 4th August and depart on the 13th, we will be spending all the time in Dymock with my family.

I’ll let you all know if it actually happens on those dates, it’s not looking good at the moment though :frowning:

We will be visiting France first to see my sister in law from the 26th July to the 4 August, that looks more likely to happen than the UK trip unfortunately

At least you are flying Somewhere!
It seems like a lifetime ago we actually went anywhere further than a couple of hours drive ,sometimes with a nap on Eurostar to get further afield.

indeed - our Paris trip = nope, Amsterdam = nope

given in and off to Kent at some point, probably after this hot spell

One of my ICT colleagues recently in Dublin had a holiday with family booked, got holiday cancelled on him at the airport after been there several hours :zipper_mouth_face:

I’ll see your “Cancelled Holiday” and raise it with an extra “Half a holiday down the pan”

A colleague and family with four kids had their two week all inclusive to somewhere cancelled after the same hours of waiting, something to do with vaccination requirements or red listing happening overnight.

So in a red haze he whipped out the credit card and splashed 5K on an all inclusive in La Palma.
When they arrived the resort was deserted, all the restaurants and bars were closed and they dined on chips and bread rolls for a week, nothing else was available.
Just before they left, the place filled up with Germans and everything opened up.
A full resort with skeleton staff meant queuing for HOURS to get served.

Sounds like you guys have had a tough time lately, i’m sorry to hear it :frowning:

I collected our passports with visa’s for the UK late yesterday afternoon so we’re flying to Paris tomorrow morning at 01:35 then on to Heathrow on the 4th. We’ll spend the night in London then hire a car and drive to Kempley, we’ll probably stay in either Newent or Ross on Wye, we haven’t decided yet. Will probably also stay at my brothers place a night or two.

If you Google maps Kempley the pin lands just about on my brothers house

Hello everyone

I must apologise for not reaching out for a beer or meetup when we were there. 90% of our time was spent with my family whom I haven’t seen in 5+ years. We did take a trip to Cardiff for lunch and also went to the MotoGP at Silverstone which was incredible.

The time has come to investigate the costs associated with moving to the UK. We intend on moving in the kids school holidays around July next year.

Reading or surrounds looks to be the best option for us as my wife will work for Microsoft and I will apply to Microsoft once I have done a few Azure certifications.

Seems a lot to investigate, schools, accomodation, visa’s, NHS, shipping our stuff over, medium term car rentals etc. And when we get there I will need a project of some kind. A classic Honda motorcycle or an MR2 or something to keep me out of trouble.

Our kids are currently in the IB system, will they be able to attend government IB in the UK? If they cannot then they will have to change to the British system as the IB fees are insanely expensive per term and we have 2 kids.

My investigation is still in its early stages

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