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Been a while, how are ya’all doing?

Life in Qatar has been pretty good for the 3 years we have been here however it is time to move on. Wifey has been put forward for a position in the UK so we may very well be moving to your neck of the woods sometime early next year. Holding thumbs.

My brother lives in Kempley, Dymock so possibly somewhere near there in the country but we haven’t really got that far in our plans yet.

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Juggy back on the LAN scene in the pub - fingers crossed!!!

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I got some more information yesterday, apparently she will be stationed at the mother ship campus in Redding, sure you know which company that is :wink:

Are you still in Redding?

Redding ?
I’m sure that’s “Sitting on the dock of the bay” related

Reading however is DT’s home turf which is a long stagger (or short taxi ride) from RG1 and the “Sugar Club”
All that info came from a friend, I remember very little of it to be honest.

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I wasn’t aware I was hiring for her to come to the mothership :smiley:

Thames Valley Park I’m guessing

Hahaha, Yeah I did mean Reading. I remember having a beer in a small pub there with Mr DT 14 odd years ago.

Yeah, that will be it in all likelihood. She is applying for a position of manager of the project managers. They have a fancy name for it which escapes me at the moment.

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heck your brother lives a 10-15 mins away from me lol, 10-15 mins from where I actually work too sort of equal distance. have to drive through Dymock to get to work. also 35 Mins from our Current Lan lol.

But sounds like you be more DT’s way then your brothers :slight_smile: If it all occur’s and happens we look foreward to you at one of the Lan meets :slight_smile:

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Myself and the family are coming to the UK for a few week in the summer holidays, July some time. Haven’t been there since 2006 I believe it was. We’ll be visiting my brother as well as visiting Reading. A little scouting mission.

let us know when and we can see if the next LAN weekend can be planned to match :slight_smile:

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Any updates ?

good question