Leaving the building...

:tiphat: Hey up crunchers !!..not been on the forum much lately, but sadly, I’m on today to say farewell to Distributed Computing and Seti@home and Rosetta in particular. After 15 years, much of it in Team Picard and Phoenix Rising, my last remaining viable desktop steam driven machine has given up the ghost and died on me. All I have left is a very old laptop which overheats in 10 mins and my macbook air which I am reluctant to have going 24/7. The old desktop has been going for the last three years 24/7 so it doesn’t owe me much really. I have enjoyed my contribution with a couple of mentions in dispatches on SETI and lots of fun in the early days vying for position in the leagues and divisions as well as some good gaming experiences…but…for now at least, or until I can afford another desktop (which for a pensioner is unlikely !!)…I must bid all you dedicated crunchers a fond farewell and say thanks Team Phoenix Rising for the ride…I enjoyed it…TTFN, Ancient_Hippy…AKA Patrick. :cheers::sarcwave::sarcwave:

I/We understand and wish you well! Sometimes it’s hard to spend that hard earned cash on electric and related that is for sure in today’s world. Stop in any way will leave the lights on !!

Sorry to see you go Patrick, but I completely understand your reason. Your always welcome just to pop in for a chat on the forum as long as it’s still here. :cheers:

Don’t be a stranger Patrick… there’ll still be some of us lurking around!!!

Thanks guys…I will look in from time to time:tiphat:

the TPR bungee at work again :smiley:

See you soon

see ya old friend…for now!!