lecturer strike

whats the oppinion of others on this subject, i already have friends that are supposed to have exams next monday and there exams have been cancelled, they are currently aimed to be re sceduled for the last week of our exam period.
the things is we get regular updates yet everyone one seems to be completely different, first it was average + 2% then its retake/reschedule.
we get two days notice whether or exams are on or off at the moment, and they could be rescheduled for a period where they again could be cancelled, then what? we’ve already gone home for summer, as this is my final year i think the whole things is just a right mess
anyone care to add…

get the head guy [or better yet, get someone who aint actually inrolled so he cant be thrown off for violence] and tell them you guys have paid for this course… now sort it! … lecturer strike or not!

its abit more national than that, it made bbc wales news earlier because students were protesting here in Aber, if i hadnt a project to do (even if it might not be marked :frowning: ) i would have been down there with them. the whole situation sucks, we might have exams, we might not. even if we do will they get marked!


why cant they go on strike during the summer… would make much more sence!

/edit/ where are the lecturers?.. go down and [by go down i again mean the guy who cannot get kicked off a course], and beat the living [insert word] out of them!

Yep this is a national thing. Happening in Leeds Uni as well.

The policy here (mind not all lecturer’s are on the strike!) is that all the work WILL be marked.

No idea on any considerations…Believe there are…

I’m only affected in one lecturer and thats Maths…(something like Advanced maths for engineers) so they’ll just be moved over to the Faculty of Maths or something to be marked if there not striking.

I guess I’m not as fussed as I could be because I’m a first year so it only affects next year…(OK that’s something I should perhaps worry about) but I feel really bad for the poor people in there final year…

I’ll be honest. IMHO Lecturers get it easy, compared to say secondary teachers. They work half a week, if theyre unlucky, and no one actually cares whether they actually teach anything, or not because they dont get judged on whether the students pass or fail (its up to the students to learn you see) AND they expect to get £40k+ a year for it?

They wouldnt last 10 mins in a school (if that kid doesnt get a A your in the shit, no matter how lazy the kid is), or in industry (if this project doesnt work out, your sacked), I guess thats why theyre… um… lecturers? :stuck_out_tongue:


Lecturer’s are just students who never left Uni :wink:

actually, 1 of my lecturers is STILL at uni… [or just finished like 2 months ago or something]… so good call…
but i like him, hes a good laugh…

It’s a joke…:wink:

One of our best lecturer’s was a worked for Britsh Mining company (or somethiong like that) for years then ended up at Uni when they closed all the Yorkshire mines…

Our maths lecture has had to be dratted in from the local collage as they couldn’t get anyone else to teach it. Also the lectures who are on strike here receive half pay while refusing to mark, and I think once graduation has passed a quarter until they mark up. It doesn’t effect me through, my lectures aren’t on strike, but most the other departments in the uni are effected by it.

olly, just a point, do you realise your only 20 miles from where I curently am, and at most 1:30 from Mojo’s?

No I hadn’t but as it’s in the middle of my exams, I’ve got no plans to go this time.

Think me and Gizmo figured that when we took a wrong turning and nearly ended up at Bangor at the last one! :lol:

That sounds like quite an impressive wrong turn. Bangor’s in the north, and the Mojo’s in mid Wales (i think).

Well we figure out when we started seeing signs for Bangor and could see the see…

Still a good 40 miles from Bangor…but yeah…an extra 40 minutes added to the journey :stuck_out_tongue:

the average wage for a lecturer is around £33,000. As far as I can tell this is perfectly fair. My first exam (Web Programming) has now been cancelled. My software development one will probably not be affected and my communication and telematics one coule go either way.

I have been told that my coursework marks will be counted double to make up the exam marks, I’m lucky im not in my final year.


one down already, no exam thursday :frowning:

Dam :frowning:

On a lighter note mind…

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Kept thinking I could never pass without revision guides,
But then I spent so many nights, getting all the questions wrong,
And I grew strong, And I learned how to scrape along,
I won’t look back, to any place,
When I can swallow 15 shots and get completely off my face,
I would have spent all day at work, I would have had no spare time free,
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So all my notes, are on the floor,
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