Less than 250 to go!!!!!!!!

Thats after checking at 15:00, by the time 18:00 comes around we should have done it :grin3: :grin3: :grin3: :grin3:

squeeeeeze :bigdump:


With 8000+ WU in the Que at LM…I’m sure we have already gotten to 2M…Great job all…and we should all raise a glass to the wifes and others that allowed us to play with our computers…in this fashion that is…Thanks…gulp honey…BURP…back to work now…

Yeah I got 400-500 in the queue myself.

hey, don’t forget my 2 or 3 :lol: :lol: :lol:

Man I can’t get a thing to go!

9pm update shows 2,000,909 :woot:

Well done TEAM

:funknana: :funknana: :trophy: :cheers: :banana: :bounce:


but with a database problem normally follows one of those horrid prunes of units…
:xfinger: not this time :xfinger:


it wouldnt be TPR if we didnt do every milestone at least twice :stuck_out_tongue:


very true Bully, very true :nod: :wink:


Congratulations to all LMers. :thumbsup:
Fantastic effort and a really nice way to end the project.

Congratulations TPR :cheesy3: a fine achievement :cool3:

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