Let's get acquainted

My name is Adam!

Hi, my name is JUGGY;)

My name is Peige (not Paige)

I had an omelette for tea last night, the first omelette I have ever made for myself in life… that’s not to say I don’t cook, its just i’ve never made an omelette.

i’m max

omelettes are good

I’m actually Mark. I’m coming down with the flu and last night my girlfriend Jessica made beef and veg soup for me. I’m very lucky because she almost wanted to cook something more involved which would’ve been a mistake. We’ve been living together for 5 years and I know how dangerous her cooking can be;)

:spam: is nice in omlettes

Attempting to eat four of these makes me feel ill

…/me bets Adam-smith doesn’t know the capital of Peru



Its a bot, probably an advance party for a Tsunami of dodgy links.
Anyone googling for the above phrase will know what botscript to use on hundreds of forums.

Well thats if Google could get anything from here at the moment

We are actually listed on a database(s) of places to spam :frowning:

I found a link a while back while bot hunting to an old forum archive
listing hundreds of website forums for placing links (we were on that list ) :frowning:

I know DT has some measures in place to kick a large proportion out of the auto-bots but some do slip through alot of them can be recognised quite easy others’s you easily suspect but have to resort to google to see where they have posted in the past or… big give away how many forums they are signed up to with zero posts.

Majority you find there is a mass forum register bot (using one IP) and then you will see upto 3 different ip’s submitting the spam.

Is it hard to implement that “type the number in the picture” thing ? I would assume that stops most of them ?

Bots bypass the captcha alltogether using brute force and others are cleaver enough to be able to ocr the image and get the numbers / letters anyway.

Really… blimey, some people have too much time on there hands, ether that or there is alot of money made from the links when they do manage to get on a board !

Some of them are getting quite cleaver as well being able to partly understand a post and compose a paragraph of text that includes misc information out of a post in a way that would make you that think its is a real person, a few of these have poped up in the last month or two I think from Israel.

Then you get the jibberish from India :chuckle:

Hard do distinguish between a normal TPR poster :chuckle:

had me fooled

Its down to the old “Spider Senses”.
acquainted is an odd word, most people say Hi in their first posting not “lets get acquainted”.

Another bot post so you can spot the pattern.


That one ended up in Networking but this one picked the busiest forum so the scripts are getting better

Yeha I guessed that one was a bot and stayed clear.

Maybe I’m just not tolerant of people with to many spelling mistakes. Which is ironic :rolleyes:

well i be kyle i am everyones pet ninja, and wollys personal rival in all online games, he will fall eventually cos his hips and knees will give out :stuck_out_tongue: but i love him really