LHC Has Units to crunch :)

From the LHC Website 13/01/2006

Up, 66240 workunits to crunch

15 on my single core on boinc :slight_smile:


Ta for the Headsup!

My first WU only took 32 minutes and got the fantastic amount of 3.05 points in claimed credit.
Wonder if that’s normal?

Edit: the second one took 34 minutes, high risk here that the box will run dry since BOINC estimates a crunching time of 8 hours.

I’ve got some real weird behaviour. One a single core machine it has switched between two units of LHC work :confused:


:wave: I’t good to see the project up again. I may not be a “power” user, but I’m dedicated. I finally upgraded my RAM, and did some early spring cleaning on my system and am crunching faster. I like the new BOINC manager, it’s easier to use.
Belated happy new year to all.

welcome back Abie!

Nice to hear from you! :smiley:

I’m seeing similar behaviour. LHC times (but not percentage done) keep updating while the workunit is preempted or suspended on one machine (Rhea - W98.) I’ve checked cpu usage (with ProcessExplorer from sysinternals) and the preempted workunit is consuming only very little cpu, but it makes the comleted time, and claimed credit, crazy.

I’ve noticed out of the 5 i’ve blasted through, could be these are mostly re-runs of previous cycles, though, with some running even preemtpted while other projects run along side, highly doubtful, just keeping it in memory eats up a couple cpu cycles while paused.

Ooops, they seem to send out new but small batches of units:)
But they are gone very quickly.
Managed to fill up one box anyway:p

Same here :slight_smile:

Work available folks :slight_smile:

:woot: 39WUs are mine =)