[LHC] problems with credit??

On a work unit, I have claimed 99.97, two other claimed 151.64 and 95.57. Both received the 95.57 and I received 0.00. Does anyone know why I wouldnt receive the credit?

Here is the link:


[edit] Actually I have quite a few of these, and all of them, when you click on the result ID, shows “Validate Stage: Invalid”

Any ideas?

Let me have a guess!

Your CPU is an AMD processor.

They have noticed that AMD procs and Pentium procs produce different results. No one knows exactly why but they discussed this issue already!

You are the unlucky one who shared a WU with two Intel proc users

Well, that STINKS! Oh well, at least I might be helping them by producing differing results. Maybe they can fine tune things for the Public release (I think LHC is still Beta)

Thanks for the link TT.

yup still beta :nod:

that’s why I’ve only got one machine dedicated to it for now