Lifemapper 1k jobpacket app

Starfish from BBR Team ECO has written a program that automatically checks for and deletes jobpackets 5kb or less than runs in conjuction with LM CLI

Here’s the link:

OK, since so many of you are having problems with all those corrupt JobPackets, I’ve just developed the ‘LifeMapper Packet Watcher’.

It’s a simple application: just place it in your lifemapper client directory and start it up.

Every x seconds it will check all the Lifemapper JobPackets for their filesize. Every JobPacket file <= 5 KB will be deleted automatically.

The default interval is set to 480 seconds (8 Minutes). You can specify your own interval as well though.

Please run the application like this ‘LM_Packet_Watcher.exe -h’ switch to see the help.

Hopefully this can make ‘babysitting’ those machines a bit easier

(mandatory disclaimer these days)
Although I have complete faith in this little app. Use it at your own risk.


this is one cool and “rock stable”* programme

*Well on my pc’s anyway.

Glad you like it! :slight_smile: