Lifemapper CLI progress monitoring.

Anybody interested in tracking the Lifemapper CLI in near real time like multisetimon did. I think I figured out a way to do it and should have a low impact on the platform and should be nice for the farmers. It should be able to see even remote machines via network and work with both LINUX and windows platforms and any others that LM comes up with. It should work with even the CLI setup as a Windows service.

Opinions on the best front end, like web page? Nice thing about a web page would be that it could be viewed by any type of platform from anywhere. Any webbies want to volunter their services and team up? Nice graphics, web published, cgi/php back end? I can get the data to the web server no problem. The web server could agregate it and provide real time siggy stats.

What features would you like? Here are a few I can think of.

per platform
Percent complete
downloading state & percent
uploading state & percent
number of jobs in cache
number of results in cache.
time since last update (up down state)

per user/farm
Overall progress

Let me know if your interested .

It would be a very useful utility.

If I had any skills that might be of use, I would offer to help. Unfortunately, I have not :frowning:

Great idea! :thumbsup:

Is it possible that “LM Tracker” show us what species our client currently work on?

Should be possible to show that.