Lifemapper news :: What's the deal here?

Hello fellow Lifemappers :slight_smile:

What is the deal with Lifemapper news @ TPR. Is it a daily/weekly/monthly happening? - there never seems to be much news posted. :frowning:

I am suggesting that we set up a news rota for LM. I’m happy to do Wednesday’s news.

In this thread people can put themselves forward to do some news for the LM team.

Here is the rota:

[ul][li]Sunday - ?
[/li][li]Monday - ?
[/li][li]Tuesday - ?
[/li][li]Wednesday - Metz2000
[/li][li]Thursday - ?
[/li][li]Friday - ?
[/li][li]Saturday - ?[/ul]
(copy and paste the above into your post and add yourself where u want to!)

We’ll use the format of the last LM news in the forum (30/12/2003 ?) and take it from there!

LM news is go go go! (you need to be an F1 fan to get that!)

Curly tries to do the news daily. There was a news rota waaaay down there / which never really happened due to people not understanding the spreadsheet we were using at the time. I don’t know what method curly is currently doing for making up the news report though…

Maybe I have just come back to the forums at a ‘quiet time’ … it is Christmas / New Year I guess :slight_smile:

Collection of the earlier news is here, so you can see it’s pretty much daily :slight_smile:

Amazing work done by Curly!

I try to do a news post pretty much daily, unless the stats at lifemapper don’t update, have missed a few days over the chrimbo/new year period due to having mucho fun and stuff, should be back to normal service from today, I don’t mind doing a news post as it helps fill the day (plenty of time due to being signed off work through illness), I am currently using the darkness productions stats site to do the daily and weekly stuff (link in news post) as the spreedsheet needs updating and it has the same info anyways. I will get it updated so that anyone who wants a copy, can.


Cheers curly!

Wasn’t aware there was such an extensive archive of news available :slight_smile:

I’ll let things go as they were going then :wink: