Hello Lifemappers,

The Lifemapper applications which send job packets and accept completed models have now been shut down. Your efforts have been greatly appreciated and will inform the next phase of the Lifemapper project. Thank you for all your support and help!


was just wondering if everyone had read this…? does it mean there is more lifemappering for us to do ??

if so you guys gona do it or is it a case of youve moved on !! ??

Better put it to a vote…ok Curly…your turn…

i think ill continue to do it even if the team doesnt i like this one especially ( big up time ) to DT’s driver !! was simple !! ill leave some of my 11 nodes runing d2ol but convert 2(ish) back !!

Note the bit in bold, if you complete units they cannot be sent back as the machine/process that administers everything is off.

Nope, this means that they extrensive database of information they did have has all been completed by the public. The amount of models that museums are submitting to the database can be handled by the university campus computers, so the public project has been terminated.

Thanks for the praise :smiley: You won’t be able to connect to the LM servers though as they are turned OFF !!! :wink: Save yourself the time and leave them on D2OL.


(a d2ol app may be forthcoming, but from nowhere I have a lot of work on all of a sudden :woot: )


actually DT i was referring to this bit : and will inform the next phase of the Lifemapper project.

im just no good with the quote thing !!


OK mate, I think the next phase is going to be done on campus tbh. I doubt there will be anything DC for a while now. We (DC community) completed the project !! :clap:


I’m running SETI Boinc until I see something more interesting come along that I can plant onto friend’s computers without bothering them in any way.