Light Speed and greater

I may have misinterpreted the original question, but wasn’t it something like this: If two space vehicles are travelling in opposite directions, each at the speed of light, then what is the velocity at which they separate? It cannot be 2x lightspeed since 1x lightspeed is the maximum velocity. Yet, from the perspective of each vessel, the other is moving away at 2x lightspeed…

[this may have been answered by some of the links in this forum, but I haven’t followed them yet. Time to study up]

I think its has to do with wieght…if you accelerate a 100g mass towards C , it will get progressivly heavier, reaching about 700g @ 0.99 C if i remember correctly. Now, if you attempt to accelerate the mass past the threshhold, it’s mass will become infinate, and therefore it would take all the energy in the universe and a helluva lot more to make the 100g mass travel that fast, let alone a speck of dust.

But with The Space, i think it is safe to assume that it is massless, as is the Photon, and so you can make it go as fast as you like.

or mabye it’s becuase The Space is a non-existent quantity, and your just trying to mess wi’ me 'ed.:confused:

As for Wave/Particle duality, i dunno. Ask Hawking when he’s finished labouring over his Grand Unified Theroey.

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