linux again?

I have tried suse 9.0 many times in the past and have alwasys failed to get an internet connection. This was on a nf7-s, I now have a abit ai7 and a prescot .


            1. might the install and configuration nic and internet go a little better for me on ai7?

             2. does suse 9.0 support my prescot w/ hypertreading?

             3.would my seti times be about the same under linux and boinc? 

thanks for any and all help :confused:

1 - can’t say for sure but I haven’t had any problems with Suse 9.0 pro on the boxes I’ve tried it on. I do have an AI7 as my main box, but that’s the only one I haven’t run it on :smiley: It does work on other Abit Intel chipset mobos.

2 - Works with Northwood HT. Not got Prescott so can’t say but don’t see any reason it wouldn’t. Even if the original didn’t support it, there have been various kernel updates since 9.0 release, so chances are the updated ones will.

I seem to have a working install of suse 9.0 now, most things seem to work but I am new to linux. The problems I do have are.

1 computer will not shut off, but will restart.

2 I cant seem to create a directory to install seti in, can any one post how to install boinc on a linux os?

err the shutdown problem is probably related to the bios settings, try reviewing them, this is a function of the bios really.

Boinc Install:

  1. open a terminal window
  2. create a directry to run boinc out of mkdir boinc
  3. download boinc client to that directory
  4. cd to that directory
  5. run the clinet ./boinc_3.20_i686-pc-linux-gnu -attach_project
  6. add the URL and account key when prompted

I got it working at the expence of my windows partition, much down loading and burning of iso’s nailbiting - hairpulling - monitor throwing - key board pounding - aggravated assult on anyone close enough and a good amount of yelling and cursing. not to mention one really good floping fit

however I’ve learned alot and am now more interested than ever in useing linux.

my next question is why my bench marks for bionc are so low, I dont know really where to begin looking with this os.
sys spes
2.8 prescot
abit ai7
ocz 3200el 512
ata 100 hd 8mb buffer
a slight overclock to 3.0

benchmark showing
500 whetstone
1600 dhrystone percpu

The Linux benchmarks are known to be lower than their Windoze equivalents - this is a known issue they are looking it.
Since most clients are Windows, and your score per unit is the median score, in practice its not a huge problem at the moment.

I find my Linux clients more stable, responsive and just downright quicker than Gatesware BloatXP, so I’ll happily make the trade :slight_smile:

Still use Linux today. Noting to beat it.

Even dead badgers can use Linux

Wicked sick! Where do you find them TFW