Linux basics

Trying to install BOINC, but it says I have to log on as root. Where do I do this. I don’t have the option at start up and I am the only user so I assumed I was root (admin?)

if the installer is an executable you run from command line just type
sudo su - root
or just
su - root

in a command line window

That’s got it. Just downloading the files now and it says it’s complete.
Cheers Spaceboy
NEXT!! :smiley:

you’ll need to make the download executable, using chmod +775

Run that in the /home and it’ll create a BOINC/ folder, I think it does a runboinc thingy now, can’t remember and a bit tired.


No need to chmod, just “sh” from the command line.

No need to do any of that if using Ubuntu - it’s in the repository - sudo apt-get install boinc should install it and you can run it from the Applications menu.

Didn’t use the command line in the end, just located and ran it from the synaptic package installer drezha. Went through easily and immediately went into the “attach to project” as soon as loaded unlike the Fedora 10 version that I had an issue with.