Linux Firewall, Web server and email server.

I’m not going to pretend, I’m a Linux beginner.

I installed Mandrake about four years ago on old hardware, with limited sucess for limited tasks. Between then and now I’ve kept ditching windows for various flavours with minimal success. Gentoo, RedHat and Debian have all been on my system from a complete format after I keep realising how sick I am with M$. Unfortunately even my latest SuSe install, with it’s neat Yast2 package manager, left me with a bitter taste in my mouth.

I’ve admitted defeat, but not totally. I’m looking to put a decent firewall (ala Smoothwall) on a nicely configured server, along with a something that can serve web pages, and also have all my emails on - accessible from the internet via a webmail front.

Apart from a quick run-through of how to direct my domain provider to pass my email and web requests to my host, can anyone suggest some options that lets me skip a windows alternative?

for that I would think of going all the way “back” to RedHat9, just purely becasue of it being slightly aged, there are hundreds of guide websites with tutorials on how to do exactly what you want :slight_smile:

That and there are still so many domain controllers, hosting machines and mail servers out there running RH9.

Windows Server2003 small business (i.e. with exchange) does exactly what you want straight out of the box with familiar wizard style setup. But then thats not free is it :lol:

Go with RH9 imo, purely because so many people use it its got so many guides and help sites around. Of course FedoraCore2 or 3 is pretty much the same kernel (I think) but there are a few things different that may mean going through online guides is a little more tricky.


Cheers DT, will start looking into that now.

Do I need any special programs? I know you can sort firewalls via IP tables, what about the web and webmail server… any suggestions?

apache for the web server and my mail server of choice would be squirrel mail.

And evidence of what I mean about guides…


Squirrel looks great, just what I need :smiley:
Apache should be easy enough too, hopefully similarly easy to set up as the windows version.

Thanks :thumbsup:

any update ?



RedHat 9 iso is burnt and ready, been reading up on Squirrel 1.4.4 and Apache installation.
Probably going to leave the firewall for the time being, think this basic setup will give me more than enough to do. :smiley:
Getting a new drive off a friend next Tuesday. That’s when I’ll start.

Will keep you updated!