Linux for a n00b?

Looking for a free distro to put on a customers pc. He just needs it for interent, email, msn type chat and office stuff. Which is the most n00b friendly one out at the moment? Thinking of redhat or fedora.


1 Vote for Ubuntu here :slight_smile:

2 mins left on the download for that…did a bit of reading and decided on that but thought i’d see what the experts suggested on here before installing :smiley:

Another vote for Ubuntu… was the easiest for me out of the distro’s I tried plus with a quick google there’s plenty help/info/guides. Firefox for interweb, Evolution mail for email, Pidgin internet messenger for MSN and Openoffice for office apps should all be installed by default if not it’s easy to download them through the Synaptic Package Manager


for simple simple, nearly fisher price but not quite, get the ubuntu netbook remix, designed to be very lightweight and yet is completely usable for those tasks. Boots and runs from USB/CD very nicely so you can try before you install. I have a copy in my laptop bag all the time :slight_smile:


Was thinking of using seamonkey for email and chat but if those others are on there i’ll try those first.

Cheers all.

Ubuntu is very user friendly and I’ve found it easy to use. 1 vote from me.

All installed, email set up etc…very easy…lets see him get trojans and carp on it now. :smiley: