Linux FTP Server

I am running a VM Linux machine and trying to set up an FTP server using vsftpd. If I am at the client machine and open a dos window i can ftp to the linux server. However when I try to FTP from explorer i am unable to access the ftp server.

My knowledge of Linux is very limited, however I am running linux 4 32 bit…

Please can you give me some step by step instructions for setting up a secure FTP site… Thanks

which ‘flavour’ of linux?

windows explorer isn’t that great with ftp, and if you’ve got a direct connection that works with dos, I’ll guess that it’s the horrid format that explorer wants that is the issue.

try connecting with a free ftp program, you may find it already works :smiley:


what he said :wink:

I use smartftp - works well :slight_smile: There’s also winscp which is a basic gui for transferring files via ftp/scp/sftp, recommended for the security conscious :slight_smile:

i use filezilla and bypass the ftp thing entirly and just use ssh

Cuteftp is a nice lightweight Windows FTP client, Winscp gets my vote for sheer write speed between Linux/Unix and Winblows, especially Vista which generates such a storm of redundant Samba traffic when writing (use a network sniffer if ya don’t believe me) speeds are really poor. Using Winscp gets round this problem nicely by transferring over SFTP which being open-source, hobbyist, and not backed by a major opsys manufacturer simply flies along :slight_smile: