Linux MP3 player ?

I’ve not had a lot of luck in google finding a suitable solution to this so I’m casting this to “the floor” for further input.

I’m looking for a Linux based MP3 player that can be remotely controlled by a web browser.
Netxmms looked promising but the developer seemed to have won the lottery or got shipped to Guantanamo Bay around 2004. No new updates since.

The sort of hardware I have in mind would be a ropey old laptop with a non functional screen that could just sit by the Hifi and read its files from a Windows shared drive.

This could also be quite useful at Mojos when everybody is too wobbly to burn a CD and walk all the way over to the sound system.

I had a hardware solution to do this a while ago but the only user interface was through a TV screen. Would be nice to find one that you can use as a networked jukebox

You could use something like Helix/realplayer here and control it using VNC

vlc plays mp3 and has support for web based network control, cmd line interface (for unix based machines according to the docs).

on top of that it plays everything… allmost lol