Linux n00b needs help

I have a new ASUS serverboard running two Xeon 5320s with SUSE 10.2 successfully installed. Unfortunately the 5320s are idle. I am a pathetic Linux newbie. I’ve downloaded the BOINC 5.10.21 shell script but don’t know what to do with it. SUSE wants to open it with gedit, which fails.


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Its pretty simple. You will need to open a terminal window to do it. Look here

Be aware that Suse has a fault that does not let BOINC manager run see HERE

Is BOINC not in Suse’s repository?

Try searching for it in your package manager where you download all the files (dont know what it is in Suse but in Debian and Ubuntu it’s Synaptic Package Manager)

That should download it, unpack it and let you have shortcuts to it on the programs menu.

Well, it is running. The problem was permissions. As downloaded, the BOINC package did not have the executable bit set. I did a chmod +x BOINC… .sh and it ran without a problem. I did not run into the xlib.lock problem. That may be because I allowed SUSE to update itself.

GNOME system monitor shows eight CPUs as expected. It also shows twice as many SETI processes as I would expect (I’m running SETI only on this machine). Half are running, half are sleeping.