Linux on laptop

I am thinking of Switiching my laptop over to linux.
Ive been reading up on it but i cant really find an OS that i like.
But as long as it has a good enough GUI and is easily installed im not fussed.
Oh and i would prefur that i could have something i could throw on the harddrive

And is it possible to put a linux os onto floppy disks as my cd drive on the laptop is kaput.

Thanks in advance

If the lappy’s got Windows on it, can’t you download it to a partition and install from there?

Ubuntu was and still is my fave.

More in general, you can install from a USB flash drive, but it is more work. Still preferable to floppies though :eek:

Try perusing the Linux mags in WHS. I’ve used the enclosed CD/DVD to install various versions and some do contain an OS version which can be booted from the disk without installing the proggie so you can try it out without hassle. Well worth the price of the mag especially if you decide to use it instead of Mickeysoft$

Ubuntu is great. I have it on an older DELL, with a dual boot with NT2000. It works just fine, and what was great it found all the drivers for everything.

The yet to be released version - Ubuntu 8.10 - is due out in 23 days. You can find the info here.

Ubuntu is ace, I have it on my Eee.

However I have been trying Debian recently and found that to be very good (which is what I expect considering Ubuntu is BASED on it!) to the point where I’ll be using it next time I install a linux installation on anything.

Debian can install from the web. You download and run a small image from USB/floppy and it grabs the data from online. Takes longer generally because you have to download each package but it does give you an up to date system from the word go.

There’s a customised version of Ubuntu for the Eee to pick up its hardware and optimise for the small display and general functionality. :slight_smile: But for regular laptops/desktops regular Ubuntu is great also.

My laptop is an old Dell satilite 1100 pro,
And it does have windows on it,
but reasons i want to test linux on it is because it is on its last legs its mostly superglue holding it together :p,
but i will definatly give the ubuntu a go…
Dont have time to look just now as off to bed but does it have a decent GUI?


It uses Gnome, in my opion, the best GUI.

I do like a few of the other but they aren’t very stable/require lots of setup/to fancy.

If you have got Windows on the laptop try the WUBI option of Ubuntu - installs it like a windows application , can be found at the bottom of the mirrors page here. you should be able to share a cd/dvd reader across a network , and allow you to try and buy so to speak .

Yeh you ive shared my dvd from the pc to the laptop loads of times but wasnt sure if i could do an install over the network like this.

Free version of Mandriva 2009. Optimised for low spec lappies.