Linux (RH9) SATA and PCI IDE controller support?

I want to run 1 HDD, a DVD drive and a CD burner. Thing is I want the 2 CD drives as masters on different channels. This obviously means I’ll need an extra controller.

When I rebuild my box at the end of the month I’ll be getting a mobo with SATA support so I might get an SATA HDD. Thing is I’m a little confused as to whether this will be seen by linux after my having previously failed to get RH9 to see PCI RAID cards and the drives connected to them.

The other possibility is to just to get a PCI IDE controller and run either the HDD / CD drives off this and looking at the price of SATA drives, this might be cheaper.

Any recommendations/comments for linux supported PCI IDE controllers or anyone know what the SATA support is like?